2008 first Jiangxi webmaster Association

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2007, a group of Internet army fell, and a new group of forces rise

2007, we have gone through an extraordinary year

2007, we have experienced many, many, many

2008, what kind of webmaster does the Internet need today?

2008, are we struggling alone


2008, the head of the storm, grassroots and grassroots duel, heart and heart will be how to collide?

let’s wait and see…

party purpose: sharing, cooperation, learning, communication

gathering time: Saturday, January 5, 2008 (13:00


meeting place: Nanchang, China, Jiangxi Normal University, Yao Lake campus Yang Yang Cafe (Graphic Information Center next to the Graduate School)

traffic lines: 208 Road, bus No. 220

party object: personal webmaster, Internet IT (who refused to MLM staff)

registration fee: 50 yuan / person (AA) only for meeting block and funds

sponsor us: QQ:653229656


(online gentie registration)

contact us: online QQ:653229656

E-mail: [email protected]



co organizer:

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