Old network promotion is the premise of network marketing

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network marketing, is a new thing, is accompanied by the rapid development of the Internet and the emergence of a new type of marketing. The Internet has changed the world, nature also changed the enterprise marketing environment! When the enterprise marketing environment changes, changes in marketing is imperative! Network marketing also came into being, and become the Nuggets tool enterprise. However, for many of the enterprise from the market staff, there are still many heart may be confused, what is the network marketing: Forum marketing, blog marketing, PPC, or database marketing? Or SEO? And how to network marketing enterprise


with the help of Wang Yi’s network marketing concept is still very good, oh, network marketing, as the name suggests, is based on the network marketing. Network marketing includes two elements of network promotion and e-commerce. Network marketing is based on the network marketing, e-commerce refers to the network based sales. Network marketing is the key to network promotion, network promotion in network marketing process has played the role of the "evil".

today we want to discuss is the key to network marketing network promotion.

first, the pursuit of a win-win marketing.

so-called marketing, refers to the sale of products and services for people to increase satisfaction. The basic task has two points: 1, the seller through the sale, and ultimately to gain their own interests. 2, the buyer through the purchase, to increase their satisfaction. These two fundamental tasks also show that marketing is a pursuit of "win-win" business process.

two, the interaction between promotion and sales.

from the point of view of the marketing process, the promotion is "due", sales are "fruit". Although the network marketing is divided into network promotion and e-commerce two parts, but because of the particularity of the Internet platform itself, making the network promotion and e-commerce is no longer a causal relationship between. With the development of the Internet technology, the Internet has not only become a platform for information dissemination, but also can realize the online processing of information, making the Internet available to all business functions except the line logistics platform. In this case, the network promotion and e-commerce is actually completed in parallel. The fundamental purpose of marketing is to achieve sales.

three, network promotion and e-commerce

in the network marketing model, network promotion and e-commerce can be a parallel relationship, but the main content of the network to promote the interaction of information is essential in the process of network marketing. If the e-commerce process is further divided into information processing and logistics transportation process, then any one of the complete network marketing process should be composed of 3 parts: information interaction, information processing and logistics. The key of electronic commerce is the process of buying and selling information to confirm the purchase intention. In other words, the key lies in the electronic commerce information interaction, which is the scope of the network to promote the study of


enterprises and individuals how to promote through the network, to achieve the best network marketing effect, we do

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