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from the user, access, financing and other aspects have topped the social electricity supplier was frequently mentioned when the Internet giants has been unable to meet the next covet and have chosen soldiers of the border.

insider, female channel is expected to be on-line like "beautiful said," social business class website products in the second half, currently only has several years of experience in the fashion editorial team has more than and 30 people, accounting for the overall size of the current staff nearly half. For the promotion of new products, Tencent confidence, sources said, "we only need a QQ pop out, you can extend it to the country".

and do not say it has 800 million of QQ users and a variety of promotional channels, Tencent launched in just 7 months, WeChat spike meter chat, enough to see its status in the social field." Insiders say.

at the same time, the major portals are also interested in this market, Sina insiders told reporters made it clear that we have to do social electricity supplier". In addition to the above two, "where Master" and "Taobao wow" has early step into the threshold of social electricity supplier. According to all passengers aged CEO, "has become the most important part of every guest, has accumulated about 200000 users, to where the contribution of nearly 10 million yuan, the monthly sales volume".

fact, DCCI data report affirmed the various areas of this coveted from the side: the next 5 years, the global social business will reach $3 billion.

in the face of social electricity supplier in this big cake and the giants of the massive invasions, welcomed Xu Yirong, he said, "to enter the big company further affirmed the beauty before the judge". CMO Li Yanzhu is not afraid, he told reporters, bigwigs will certainly have an impact on the pattern of the industry, but I think the impact is not large".

"In fact, no matter

giants on the market have no interest, when to enter the market, this year will be a social business enterprise during the melee." Li Yanzhu said, "the number of the whole industry this website more than and 30, in the next 1-2 years, including giants will be on the line of social power, the industry will only under 5 of the same site, the law of survival and the Internet industry is similar".

for the upcoming battle, Li Yanzhu confident. He said frankly that this comes from the user and Taobao stores, Taobao insiders told me that one day can give a Taobao shop to bring 8000-10000 UV, the conversion rate of 6%-10%, while the average conversion rate of other navigation website basically at the level of 5%-6%". And, beautiful, said the user’s activity is also very high, Xu Yirong introduction, the current number of users said to share the beautiful day to about 150 thousand, of which about 80% from Taobao.

analysts said that Taobao’s products have become the main content of the existing social networking site content resources, however, because Tencent mall and pat

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