Air conditioning ads from the United States to see the promotion of celebrity effect

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in order to promote their products, "the United States" air conditioning in the CCTV broadcast ad. The first ad was invited by Hongkong star Tong Chun Chunng. The television picture of a young female secretary in the air conditioning for the manager, Tong Chun Chunng as manager and asked the Secretary by phone: "air conditioning installed


Secretary replied: "loaded!" Tang manager ask again: "what is the brand?" the Secretary replied: "certainly is" beautiful "air conditioning" manager Tang praise: "great!" "beautiful" air conditioning. The second ad is to ask Gong Li, Gong Li dressed in elegant. Ping Ping Tingting through meters, slowly sit down, first softly to the audience, finally smiled. At this time, the narrator: "beautiful ‘air conditioning??"

it is well known that the core of advertising is to promote the product, the performance of the product, quality and so on to introduce to the audience, stimulate consumer desire to buy, to achieve the purpose of psychological identity. Based on the principle of publicity, analysis of "beauty" air conditioning two advertisement effect to the us.

the first advertisement short dialogue by the manager and secretary. Concise and comprehensive to the audience introduced the "United States" air conditioning is a first-class products, especially the female secretary: "of course is" beautiful "air conditioning!" the manager followed by a sentence: "great!??" played a key role. The "beautiful" air conditioning in many air conditioning products in the status of the show, played the effect of advertising. The second ad was made in advertising overwhelming taboo. Gong Li, Xi love eyes charming appearance and personality "has become the advertising center, added Gong Li in the advertising theme. Although there is a small air conditioner in the TV screen, plus the end of the TV ads with an aside, but has not been able to attract people’s attention to the product. Therefore, the second ad is "beautiful" air conditioning publicity Gong Li, rather than the promotion of the "beautiful" air conditioning in the Gong Li. Thus, advertising should first use the limited time, the commodity characteristics of concise and to the point. So that the audience (consumers) to understand the goods, second to consider the celebrity effect".

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