Male inexplicably became popular in the four related to the domain name has been registered

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recently, the network has a celebrity, which is "male". Yesterday, on the four "male" photos and posts have appeared at the end of the world, and many other NetEase website forum. This is the four website design of youth, the day before, they set up a stall in the street of Zhongguancun, sell design good website, attracted many people’s eyes. The original site can also spread the goods sold as. A criticism also criticized more sigh, this is speculation.

for the domain name news reporter and sensitive, then check the "registration of male" domain name. The results showed that the domain name was registered by the relevant stall man. Among them,,,, these four domain names have been registered by the different four people. One of the earliest registered is a registered person named Zhang Tao, he registered in August 26, 2008 domain name. Several other registers were registered in 28 and 29, respectively, the relevant domain name.


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