From the pork economy to the nternet to the video site

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      recent pork prices have been widely believed to have been a concern. For me, who rarely buy food to cook on the feeling of pork is suddenly rose from 8 dollars to 18, I believe we are all the same.

      this thing makes me think of a lot of things, or take our Internet bar.

      first of all, I understand the matter. In the beginning, we all think that the pig to make money, then there will be a lot of pig farms overnight, there are countless pigs waiting to be purchased. People who eat pork are fixed, their purchases are fixed, and these will not have a lot of ups and downs. So everyone in order to be able to sell the hands of the pig, the price, a price war. After a battle, we found that the pig does not make money, or switch to the other. So there are 2/3 people left, no longer do pig business. So the rest of the 1/3 people continue to raise pigs, while the price of pork has picked up, so they began to raise more pigs to meet demand, but also the price war. After all, want to sell pork, sell some pork. At this time, the need to feed pigs and so on are in price, pig and do not make money, so there are people who do not 1/2. Left a small number of people to raise pigs, resulting in the current shortage of pork price situation.

      in fact, we do the same when the internet. What website is more popular, traffic is relatively large. Then there must be a large number of individual owners began to follow suit, so this type of website appeared hundreds or even thousands of homes overnight. We are doing the same thing, and even a lot of web content is exactly the same. This time we found that the flow has been small, has not earned any money. So 2/3 people do not, leaving some of the portals or portals have been formed in the column continues to develop, continue to look for a better business model. Then we found that bandwidth, personnel and other costs are indeed limited income, overhead is too large. So there are some people do not, leaving the 1/2 people continue to do. This time it was very obvious, they have survived, and some have already made a lot of money, or can be better developed, and once again formed a certain website or a certain type of began to hot, and even a shortage.

      well, then let’s go to the video site. At present, there are more than 2 thousand domestic video sites, there are currently a certain number of hundreds of VC to get a few dozen, and the rest are some personal website. 2006, the video site in China hot up, VC also carried out crazy investment, some also get the investment. So there appeared in front of the more than 2 thousand. We found that the video

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