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      to write this article, it is emergency, the front end of the time have been on SEO, on the so-called search engine optimization, and the main purpose is to increase website traffic in a short time, with rapid promotion purpose.

      learned a few months, the concept is learned a lot, but on the whole, not as advertised on the network that can get traffic and improve the rankings quickly, probably because now the search engine for decline in technology to optimize the importance degree of factors of single, makes a simple research optimization techniques, and improve the ranking and increase for flow becomes very low, and the technology, soft, the chain, propaganda, speculation and a series of actions associated with the behavior, not to learn and master, so there is a lot of resistance in search engine optimization. But a few months of learning, so that I almost fell into the SEO inside, let me think, only SEO can save the site, can increase the amount of browsing, can increase revenue.

      but a burst of time, changed my views on the flow, that is, the emergence of this woman Shi Jing! Indeed, this woman this time is really very fire, a large number of sites throughout the story of the legendary woman, senior female white-collar workers were exposed a nude photo shoot and the.

      in fact, I do not care for this news is indeed, but as a network of participants, I am used in zzchn reproduced on a report in time: pay attention to reprint nude events out less than a day, someone made a heroine a complete zzchn (no dew point pictures!) , is the daily life and daily work, but very comprehensive, I was a sensitive information gathering point of view, the article was reproduced. Reprint website is a new  I; (I will address this stand out, is to show me the article reproduced the station type information is online is not necessarily linked, the content and reprinting) you may ask: "what is the result?" Of course, as a result, I went to bed.

      second days I did not see the website statistics, until the fourth day of the event, I was boring open statistics haoec this website, surprised to find that a usually only about 200IP of the total amount of traffic in the station, nearly two days was over 1000IP, I was really a surprise: "do I usually do SEO have effect, Baidu ranking improved?"

      then search statistics is to see Baidu, at the cold, why? Because the most searched word is

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