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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network September 28th news, the past two years the concept of Internet banking has been widely known, the Internet financial development is very fast, and the P2P net loan market is in dire straits!

with the development of Internet banking, the current P2P platform also showed rapid growth. Statistics show that in 2013 the establishment of 150, accounting for the total number of 50%. As of July this year, a total of about 1184 P2P platform, the number of borrowers in the P2P industry is close to 190 thousand, the number of investment over 440 thousand, covering banking, insurance and other traditional financial institutions.

Since 2007 the first batch of

China line P2P platform, P2P has been in a regulatory vacuum state, in the early days, no regulation means unlimited, P2P has experienced a brutal growth, however, as the industry grows, the problem gradually exposed, no regulation also means that the disorder and no support, P2P feel more and more "no children like the grass roots".

according to the P2P industry portal net loan home released data show that, at present, a total of 1283 operating platform P2P. Only in July this year, the new on-line P2P net loan platform reached 99, an average of 3 per day. According to public data show that in the first half of this year turnover of nearly 100 billion yuan, close to the annual turnover in 2013. It is expected that by the end of 2014 the industry turnover will exceed 30 billion yuan, the cumulative turnover of more than $300 billion.

yesterday in the "2014 Internet financial innovation and Development Forum", the CBRC innovation supervision department director Wang Yanxiu first proposed the P2P industry regulation of the "Ten Principles", including "investors and financiers to real name registration, P2P institution shall not provide guarantees for investors to own" principle, to further clarify the regulatory red line.

Wang Yanxiu said, P2P regulation to follow the P2P nature of the business, the nature of the so-called business project is to correspond to P2P, institutions can not hold their money, cannot establish a pool of funds, financial institutions operating funds is not P2P.

in the end is the information platform or credit platform, how to regulate the P2P, the current debate is very large, in fact, a lot of P2P companies are online before the private lending, the relationship between the nature of private lending stronger." Guo Tianyong, director of the China banking research center, Central University of Finance and Economics, said recently.


industry has been called, P2P platform should implement threshold access system, can not build a website can attract, so as to prevent the occurrence of malicious misappropriating.

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