Free customer service is there any obligation to be your free teacher

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these days, I’m in Hangzhou. So the morning service gave me a vexatious user QQ record, I can say that the user rights, the total can not let us adults, brother, post out.

so I personally penned the text or "free software users: Please reasonable good"

this thing is very simple: we require 3 days of the agreement must be bound to the beginning of the WWW. has been filed with the domain name of the two, otherwise the space K. This user is bound to a, and then the space is K out, to ask why K lost. Customer service second words will tell him: because the breach of contract, so be K.

OK, it’s easy to get here. Your client is in trouble, and my customer service has answered you.

But the customer

, customer service staff of eight. So entangled in, debating, the smatter (who even what is the two domain names do not understand); these verbose QQ records you find it to see an article yourself. The customer service staff to serve a lot of people ah, when he so vexatious, other users want to service? He refused.

I think: a lot of users is actually not to abuse, we. I don’t think it makes sense.

customer service is what?

customer service is for the user, but only to answer questions related to users and products!


service will not help you do your homework! Customer service will not write code for you! Do not give you the art of customer service customer service! Won’t help you learn the language! Because of these things is your own thing, and our products are independent of the virtual host.

, however, many of the webmaster scolded us: customer service is not willing to teach grassroots webmaster! I would like to ask: free of charge to provide free IT training services?

and our customer service refused to actually be right. If you buy a space, you have a problem, you this is a real problem! But not with unreasonable demands kind: could you tell me how to use FTP or


well, you really have a problem, anxious to wait for customer service solutions. While the other side is a * * * service * * * help with: FTP what is it? What is the ASP? Domain name is also free to send? What is the host? Can you help me DDOS the station, I hear you guys very much


don’t laugh! You look funny about these questions, but 70% of them are the same.

if our customer service and these people entangled together, it will not only be a waste of my wages, a lot of people really need help, and therefore the loss of benefits.

so >

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