SNS completely subvert the value of blog media

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circle in recent months it SNS are very popular, especially the launch of the IT Network –, so many blogger media habits change almost overnight, in the SNS time more and more global, and the original blog is in the corner, then it means that the SNS completely subvert the value of blog media


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first point: SNS will let the public blog to decline

this is an inevitable phenomenon, this phenomenon in it circles staged in advance, many bloggers who went to SNS SNS in a blog, because the built-in function, at the same time, friends comment is also very close, this is much stronger than a blog, so SNS is to enjoy the right of discourse than grassroots blog places.

of course, Chinese SNS hasn’t been strong enough to let the blog pent up point, still have a higher rate of using blog portal, SNS portal to subvert the blog is very difficult, of course, this is just a matter of time, he is also in the SNS portal, but the great challenge of the.

SNS to a grassroots audience and readers, this is a very important point, and this creates identity based on feedback, so as to interact.

second: blog media will become increasingly high-end and professional

blog from the media trend is becoming more and more obvious, expert blog and professional blog will be more readers, and the ordinary blog into SNS, I think this is a good thing. After all, there are still a few people who write the value of the blog content, take the road of elite will be better, but also to the provincial Internet users dim sum.

independent blog will be more and more, this is a kind of progress. Of course, there is a problem with the blog profit itself, blog is a personal log, do not always say that the profit, earnings will ruin the blog, it is not profitable because it is valuable. Of course, if the blog development to techcrunch, it will be profitable, we want to say is: blog is not for profit.

Fang Xingdong was on the high-end, grassroots two lines, but from the high-end, was the last raid Sina blog, I would think SNS will make high-end blog media value is more prominent, Sina blog SNS, WordPress in SNS, the author is looking forward to the wider community, rather than a lan.

third points: SNS order and culture

these two points are very important for the SNS, if not built these two points, SNS and general blog system, BBS is not too much beyond the essence. Keso mentioned before the death of the circle that SNS is a circle, want to live, you can not do without order and culture, otherwise it will break up the flow of information between SNS like irregular.

What is

order and culture like ours?

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