easyJet connects Pula and Berlin Tegel

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first_imgeasyJet, Europe’s leading airline, announced today the launch of a new route from Pula to Berlin Tegel.So now passengers from Croatia, as well as tourists, have the opportunity to use easyJet to connect with Berlin’s new Tegel Airport.In the summer season, Pula and Berlin will be connected three times a week, on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, starting on August 03, 2018. easyJet has announced 23 new routes from Berlin Tegel Airport and sold more than 3,8 million seats for the summer season since March 25 to October 27, 2018. easyJet offers a leading network of routes from Berlin with a total of 95 destinations from Tegel and Schönefeld airports, providing great value to business and leisure travelers.“I am pleased to announce today a new route from Pula as part of our expansion at Berlin Tegel Airport. easyJet grows rapidly at Pula Airport since the introduction of our first flight in June 2015, Berlin Tegel is easyJet’s ninth destination from Pula Airport, with existing flights to Europe’s major airports including London Gatwick, Milan Malpensa and Paris Charles de Gaulle . The new Tegel Airport service will complement our existing three-weekly flight from Pula to Berlin Schönefeld and strengthen the connection between Pula and the German capital. ” said Thomas Haagensen, CEO of easyJet EuropeBy the way, easyJet flies on the most popular European routes than any other airline. easyJet flies with a fleet of over 280 aircraft on more than 890 routes to over 140 airports in 31 countries, and perhaps the most important fact is that more than 300 million Europeans live within an hour’s drive of easyJet Airport. Traffic connectivity is the first prerequisite for tourism development, and now we “only” have to sell an authentic story as a motive for coming.last_img read more

Philippine capital to undergo curfew, mall closures as coronavirus deaths rise to six

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first_imgTopics : Mayors of Metro Manila’s 16 cities announced nighttime curfews on Saturday and urged shopping malls to close for one month, in a bid to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, as the Philippines reported its sixth death.President Rodrigo Duterte has raised the country’s health emergency status to the highest level and issued quarantine measures in the capital, home to 12 million people.All the measures in the Philippine capital, if implemented fully, would be among the strictest in place in Asia, and come as European countries and the United States battle to contain a pandemic that has killed more than 5,000 worldwide. Mayors will issue local ordinances for the temporary closure of malls and establishments, exempting shops offering essential services like groceries, banks and pharmacies. The capital is home to sprawling shopping malls, some of which are among the largest in the world.The Philippines’ health department on Saturday confirmed one new fatality from the coronavirus outbreak, bringing the total number of deaths to six, a day after the country raised its health emergency status to the highest level.The patient, confined at a government hospital in southern Philippines, died late Friday because of complications from severe pneumonia and acute kidney injury, the health ministry said. The Southeast Asian nation had 64 coronavirus cases as of Friday. center_img “To limit the spread of the virus, we need to limit the movement of people. We are slowing down the movement of people in Metro Manila,” Jose Arturo Garcia, general manager of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, told a news conference.Some of the capital’s residents flocked to bus stations and airports ahead of the travel ban that will start Sunday.The president on Thursday issued land and air travel restrictions to and from the capital that will take effect on March 15, and extended school closures to April 12.The nighttime curfew will take effect on March 15 to April 14, but some employees will be exempt, Garcia said, adding that violators will not be reprimanded and not arrested.last_img read more

‘COVID-19 is real’: Virus ravages family in Indonesia’s second-largest city

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first_imgAlmost unnoticeably, sometime in early May, the coronavirus crept into a house in Indonesia’s emerging COVID-19 epicenter of Surabaya and ensnared four members of the family who lived there.The father of the family, 68, died on the morning of May 30 before being tested, less than a day after he was admitted to an isolation room at a Surabaya hospital along with his 61-year-old wife.Later that day, in a different hospital, surgeons operated on the couple’s eldest daughter to remove her unborn child, whose heart had stopped beating. The woman who lost her child had tested positive for COVID-19 and had been on a ventilator for days before the operation. The deceased family members are survived by Dea, her middle sister, as well as her brother-in-law and his 17-month-old child.”Thank God that during the last burial, which was my mother’s, I could bathe her body and join her funeral even though I had to have full personal protective equipment [PPE] on,” Dea told The Jakarta Post, referring to a common Islamic funeral rite that has all but ceased under the pandemic.Dea and her family spent the following days separately in mandatory isolation. They were united only by their grief. There was no takziyah (vigil) nor funeral for the deceased. The graves were left plain, with simple wooden mounds displaying the deceased’s names and the hospitals where they had died.Dea herself was waiting for test results as she had developed a cough and had lost her sense of smell.”My parents never left the house. In fact, my father was very disciplined about [health protocols],” Dea said.Like nearly half of those over 60 years old in the country, Dea’s parents lived in a three-generation household, consisting of themselves, two of their daughters, a son-in-law and a grandchild. Dea lived further away in the suburbs of Surabaya.Surabaya had recorded 3,439 COVID-19 cases as of Wednesday – making up half of East Java’s cases – with 923 recoveries and 300 deaths. The city also had 3,426 patients under surveillance (PDPs) and 4,002 people under observation (ODPs). Eastern Surabaya, the downtown area where Dea’s parents resided, has recorded the highest numbers of cases and deaths.Read also: COVID-19 leaves lab workers grappling with unprecedented testing scaleIn mid-May, Dea’s brother-in-law started developing COVID-19 symptoms a day after he took his wife, who was eight months pregnant, to a monthly prenatal check-up. This was followed by Dea’s middle sister, who developed breathing difficulties. The family brushed it off as a seasonal flu.A few days later, Dea’s eldest sister developed a fever and breathing difficulties. Her pregnancy had limited the medicine she could take, and by the time she was admitted to the hospital on May 26, it was too late. Her condition had worsened, and she had suffered a miscarriage.”I’ve brought my sister to the emergency room twice. The first time we asked for her to be hospitalized, the doctor said the hospital was overloaded and that there were no isolation rooms for pregnant women,” Dea said. “My mother also requested hospitalization twice, but the hospital advised her to self-isolate first.“Why were patients who had personally requested hospitalization because home treatment was not sufficient rejected by the hospitals?”At Dea’s mother’s first visit to the hospital on Idul Fitri, the chest X-ray showed white spots on her lungs. Her rapid antibody test indicated the presence of COVID-19, but the more conclusive swab test would only be available a week later, and its results would take even longer, Dea said.Within five days, the white spots had multiplied, Dea’s mother’s second X-ray showed, and only then was she admitted to an isolation room with her husband, who had become too weak to walk.Both died as PDPs before they were swabbed. Dea was told that this was because the lab was closed on Sunday and June 1 was a national holiday, coupled with a lengthy waiting list for swab testing.”COVID-19 is real,” Dea said. “Many people seem to underestimate it, but that is because they have not experienced it themselves,”Her case gives a glimpse of the problems haunting Surabaya’s efforts to contain the outbreak: overloaded hospitals and a lingering testing backlog. These problems remain even as the city begins to ease restrictions to address economic concerns. Meanwhile, new cases continue to soar.Read also: Indonesia records spike in COVID-19 cases as govt eases restrictionsEast Java COVID-19 task force tracing team head Kohar Hari Santoso said that although hospitals had been “relatively full”, there were rooms available for new patients.He also pointed to a newly opened emergency hospital in the city, which had a capacity of 271 beds that could be gradually increased to 512 beds. The hospital, however, only aimed to treat mild cases so as to not overwhelm the city’s 20 referral hospitals.”[Surabaya’s health care system] was already overwhelmed before restrictions were loosened. […] If transmission continues, patients will not be able to be treated optimally – or will not be treated at all – and the death rate may increase,” epidemiologist Windhu Purnomo said.The city, he said, should add more lab workers to allow labs to operate non-stop.Topics : In the early morning of May 31, hours after the burial of the family’s father and the unborn child, which the bereaved family could only witness from inside their cars, the eldest daughter died.The youngest daughter begged the nurses to let her see her dead sister, a 34-year-old who had been married for two years, by video call.On June 2, the mother of the family died before she was tested, an hour after she told her youngest daughter by phone that she could no longer bear her breathing difficulties. She passed away unaware that her eldest daughter had died before her.Their stories were shared by the family’s youngest daughter, 27-year-old Dea Winnie Pertiwi, who spoke with the media after rumors about the family made the rounds on WhatsApp groups.last_img read more

Young mum’s creativeness helps her cope with passing of beloved sister

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first_imgInspired by Kate, glass bowl arrangement, $19, ideal for a kitchen, bathroom or lounge area, visit Inspired by Kate on FacebookThere are a few varieties of succulents that do OK indoors with some direct or filtered sunlight. Haworthia’s are a type of succulent and do better in part sun/part shade, she says. “Succulents can really transform a space into something that looks quite dull and boring into something that is bursting with life,” Lena explains.“They catch the eye and make great statement pieces. They can really compliment each other when put into arrangements together, some are used as thrillers (statement plants), fillers (plants that spread to fill in the gaps such as ground covers and sedums) and spillers (hanging plants such as string of pearls and bananas, burros and donkeys tail etc).” Follow Inspired by Kate on Facebook and Instagram Mother-of-three Lena Croll started Inspired by Kate, in honour of her sister. Photos by Chris McCormack.Brisbane mother-of-three Lena Croll knows how to jazz up a room — in the simplest and greenest of ways.Lena’s love of plants and all things green, especially succulents, has been the best outlet, as everything she creates is made with love.Her business, Inspired by Kate, started about two years ago when her sister Kate passed away.“I was having terrible anxiety and struggling to cope,” Lena says.“I was thinking a lot about Kate, she was an artisan and made gorgeous pieces of jewellery out of recycled silver and hand forged copper. “She was such an inspiration for me and I guess making things made me feel closer to her.”Lena has been teaching herself how to use different tools, how to work with different mediums, how to grow and propagate plants and ways she can put it all together to make creative and unique pieces.“I fell in love with succulents because they were so easy to grow, easy to look after and being quite time poor I needed something that didn’t need a lot of care for them to thrive,” she says.“Often the more they are neglected the better they grow.”More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this homeless than 1 hour agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investorless than 1 hour agoInspired by Kate succulent creation, by Lena Croll.She says succulents are easy to look after.“You can have a backyard full of them, water them once or twice a week and they will thrive,” she says. “We live in a world where everyone is so busy, it’s nice to have something that doesn’t take a lot of care but adds that element of beauty to a favourite spot or an otherwise dull area.” last_img read more

UK: Deficits mean trustees ‘losing focus on paying pensions’

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first_imgHymans Robertson’s estimate exceeded all of these, at £790bn.However, Cooper argued that focusing too much on funding the deficit “clouds the issue of how best to secure members’ pensions”.“Discussions about technical matters like discount rates and inflation risk premiums perpetuate the deficit problem as it focuses time and effort in the wrong places, drowning out efforts to embed a fully integrated approach to strategy and risk,” Cooper said.The Financial Conduct Authority’s ongoing review of the asset management industry raised questions about whether trustees are able to challenge their advisers. Cooper said this suggested “dearth of inclusive, big picture advice and leadership” in pension funds, resulting in trustees “unwittingly putting members at risk”.Hymans Robertson’s survey showed that 21% of trustees reported having no specified timeframe for meeting goals, down from a third (33%) last year.Less than 10% “recognised cash-flow negativity was an issue affecting their scheme”, Cooper said. This is despite the consultancy’s estimate that more than half of FTSE350 schemes are or soon will be “materially cash-flow negative” as they begin to pay out more than they bring in.“Cash-flow risk is an issue that still isn’t getting the recognition it deserves,” Cooper said. “That’s despite the Pensions Regulator highlighting that cash-flow planning is vital to effective scheme management.”Henderson Global Investors cited the growing number of DB schemes turning cash-flow negative when it announced the launch of a new cash-flow driven investment strategy yesterday. UK pension trustees are focusing too much on funding shortfalls at the expense of being able to pay pensions sustainably, according to a survey.Consultancy firm Hymans Robertson said only 9% of the 100 trustees it surveyed for its “Trustee Barometer” report acknowledged the importance of their scheme’s cash-flow position.Calum Cooper, partner and head of trustee DB at Hymans Robertson, said: “Given the purpose of a pension scheme is to pay pensions, it is surprising that this is not the key strategic driver for 99% of trustees. This highlights that when it comes to strategy, the industry still relies on volatile balance sheet deficits and discount rates.”Estimates of the UK’s aggregate defined benefit (DB) pension deficit vary significantly. JLT Employee Benefits’ assessment across all DB schemes reported a shortfall of £434bn at the end of 2016, while PricewaterhouseCoopers put the figure at £470bn (€549bn). The Pension Protection Fund’s 7800 index of scheme funding gave an aggregate deficit of £224bn, and Mercer data on FTSE350 company pension schemes showed a gap of £137bn.last_img read more

Sex education in spotlight

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first_imgHawkes Bay Today 26 June 2013Hawke’s Bay principals are reviewing a controversial new report claiming sex education in schools promotes sexual behaviour among young people. The report was commissioned by conservative lobby group Family First and written by United States psychiatrist Dr Miriam Grossman. The report – R18: Sexuality Education in New Zealand – A Critical Review- analysed various sex education resources and has been sent to every New Zealand intermediate and secondary school.It found sex education resources recommended to adolescents were “seriously flawed” and claimed the overall message to young people was that sex was okay as long as you used a condom. Napier Intermediate principal Wendy Gray said while she hadn’t fully reviewed the report, it contained some “quite hard hitting statements”. “Basically, we don’t teach sexuality education, we teach pubertal change, which is about what’s actually happening to adolescents’ bodies. We don’t take it any further than that.”….The report’s release follows publicity last week about an 11-year-old Auckland boy who fathered a child after having sex with his best friend’s 36-year-old mother. Hawke’s Bay Secondary School Association president and Napier Girls’ High School principal Mary Nixon refused to comment and said the report had nothing to do with school curriculum. (She obviously hasn’t read the report)Napier’s Sacred Heart College principal Steve Bryan and William Colenso College principal Daniel Murfitt both said they had not had a chance to read the report. Meanwhile, Taradale High School principal Stephen Hensman, Napier Boys’ High School principal Ross Brown all declined to comment on the report. Central Hawke’s Bay College principal Lance Christiansen and Wairoa College principal Brian Simpson could not be reached for comment. Hawke’s Bay ranked third in New Zealand for cases of chlamydia per 100,000 residents in the latest report for the Ministry of Health.http://www.hawkesbaytoday.co.nz/news/sex-education-in-spotlight/1921905/last_img read more

How the Media Are Promoting Polyamory

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first_imgDaily Signal 24 July 2015ABC News is mainstreaming the practice of polyamory—that is, group marriage—with a story titled, “Two Moms, One Dad, Two Babies Make One Big Happy Polyamorous Family.”The video (which you should watch at your own discretion, it includes discussions of three-way sex) profiles a self-described “triad” or “throuple”—a three-person couple.It discusses their desire for marriage equality.After all, now that the Supreme Court has declared marriage must be redefined to include so-called “marriage equality” for same-sex couples, why not for throuples?There is, in fact, a long history of such arguments, as I explain in my new book, “Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom.”Before the Supreme Court’s ruling, Professor Judith Stacey of New York University expressed hope that redefining marriage would give marriage “varied, creative, and adaptive contours,” leading some to “question the dyadic limitations of Western marriage and seek . . . small group marriages.”In their statement “Beyond Same-Sex Marriage,” more than three hundred “LGBT and allied” scholars and advocates called for legally recognizing sexual relationships involving more than two partners.Professor Elizabeth Brake of Arizona State University thinks that justice requires using legal recognition to “denormalize heterosexual monogamy as a way of life” and “rectif[y] past discrimination against homosexuals, bisexuals, polygamists, and care networks.”She supports “minimal marriage,” in which “individuals can have legal marital relationships with more than one person, reciprocally or asymmetrically, themselves determining the sex and number of parties, the type of relationship involved, and which rights and responsibilities to exchange with each.”In 2009, Newsweek reported that the United States already had over five hundred thousand polyamorous households, concluding that:perhaps the practice is more natural than we think: a response to the challenges of monogamous relationships, whose shortcomings . . . are clear. Everyone in a relationship wrestles at some point with an eternal question: can one person really satisfy every need? Polyamorists think the answer is obvious—and that it’s only a matter of time before the monogamous world sees there’s more than one way to live and love.As I explain in “Truth Overruled,” now that the court has eliminated sexual complementarity as an essential characteristic of marriage, no principle limits civil marriage to monogamous couples. And in fact the legal challenges to monogamy have already begun.A federal judge in Utah has allowed a legal challenge to anti-bigamy laws. A bill that would allow a child to have three legal parents passed both houses of the California state legislature in 2012 before it was vetoed by the governor, who claimed he wanted “to take more time to consider all of the implications of this change.”The impetus for the bill was a lesbian same-sex relationship in which one partner was impregnated by a man. The child possessed a biological mother and father, but the law recognized the biological mother and her same-sex spouse, a “presumed mother,” as the child’s parents.>>> Download the ebook version of “Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom” today! (Paperback will be available end of August, but can be preordered.) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XTB2LCC/http://dailysignal.com/2015/07/24/how-the-media-is-promoting-polyamory-the-new-marriage-equality/?utm_source=heritagefoundation&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=saturday&mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRohuqzKZKXonjHpfsX67uUkXaS1hYkz2EFye%2BLIHETpodcMTcJgNL3YDBceEJhqyQJxPr3NLtQN191pRhLiDA%3D%3Dlast_img read more

Fans tip Pulev to ‘crush’ Joshua after watching Bulgarian training video

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first_img Promoted ContentBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way40 Child Actors Who Turned Into Gorgeous Adults7 Of The Wealthiest Universities In The World6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A Drone6 Incredibly Strange Facts About HurricanesThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreTop Tastiest Foods From All Over The World10 Hyper-Realistic 3D Street Art By OdeithWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?10 Awesome 2019 Movies You Probably Missed11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table Top Boxing star Kubrat Pulev has got his hordes of Bulgarian fans purring after posting an Instagram video of him shadow boxing.Advertisement Loading… center_img Kubrat Pulev posted a video of himself sparring to InstagramThe IBF mandatory challenger is gearing up for his heavyweight battle with Anthony Joshua at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on June 20.And after posting the video, the 38-year-old was met by a barrage of well-wishers from his home country – all confident of their man securing victory over the Brit.One wrote: “Come on Cobra! You’ll crush Joshua in the ring. Bulgaria is with you.”While another added: “Bulgaria’s pride! An example man who left nothing was at the bottom. He knows the taste of failure, knows how to lose, and from there he knows how to win.“The Cobra has an unbreakable spirit and has never failed to mention “Bulgaria” anywhere in the world. A resourceful-smart athlete-MAN.”A fan then weighed in with their prediction: “Kubrat knockout in 11 rounds. I am very sad that Bulgarians do not believe in success.“I don’t see how Joshua will surprise our boy. Basically keep an eye on the uppercut, keep distance and keep an eye out for a bomb in the first rounds. We are with you!”And another supporter gushed: “Come on Cobra! You’ll crush Joshua in the ring. Bulgaria is with you.”The video, taken at the Pulev Sport Center in Bulgaria, sees Pulev shadow boxing intensely.The 38-year-old then stares menacingly into the camera, before shouting down it in his native tongue.Pulev will be desperate to take full advantage of his opportunity to claim Joshua’s WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight titles – having been robbed of the chance to do so by injury in 2017.On that occasion he was replaced at the last minute by Carlos Takam – who subsequently lost in ten rounds at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium.With the spread of coronavirus having already KO’d all British bouts until April, AJ Has a back-up plan.Promoter Eddie Hearn said: “A requirement for Anthony in his next fight, a necessity for him, was to box in the UK.Read Also: Coronavirus: Messi shows incredible skills in toilet roll challenge (Video)“June 20 is a long time away, it’s still in our plans. We have been speaking to Tottenham and making sure that we’re all on the same page.“For the Anthony Joshua fight, there are already potential plans to move that fight back to July.“We do have a potential date for that, but right now, hoping June 20 can remain the date.”FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more

Battle won for O’Brien

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first_img Just 12 months on from O’Brien’s win in the race with Daddy Long Legs, Ryan Moore made a positive move off a slow early pace to track Snowboarder into the straight. Lines Of Battle kicked a couple of lengths clear, but David Marnane’s Elleval emerged from the pack as his most serious challenger. He could never get on terms, though, and Lines Of Battle was a decisive winner. Snowboarder clung on for third. O’Brien said: “We wanted the race to be a true test, but it wasn’t because of the slow pace, which made it a good win in the circumstances. He doesn’t like being in front too soon, but he quickened well and stayed well in the end. Ryan gave him a great ride.” Victory in the Group Two event earned Lines Of Battle significant points under the qualification criteria for the Kentucky Derby, and O’Brien confirmed: “Absolutely, that (the Kentucky Derby) was the plan coming here.” Moore said: “It was a farce of a race, they went so slow and I was saying to Hughesie (Richard Hughes, on Law Enforcement) down the back that this was too easy, and one of the problems was that my horse is idle. “But he’d won around Dundalk and had a US pedigree, experience of travelling and the draw helped.” Aidan O’Brien’s Lines Of Battle held off Elleval to lead home an Irish one-two in the UAE Derby at Meydan.center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Blanco lands West Brom move

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first_img “He’s an Argentina international who joined Metalist for a lot of money. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury not long after the move, which held up his progress. “Since then, he’s shown his quality. He’s adept with both feet, is a nice crosser of the ball, creates chances and also scores goals. “With the players we’ve brought in this summer, the squad has a much better balance thanks to the hard work of the chairman (Jeremy Peace), Richard Garlick, (technical director) Terry Burton and the recruitment staff.” Blanco helped Metalist finish as runners-up in the Ukrainian top flight in 2012/13, netting 10 goals in 68 league appearances during his three and a half years in Kharkiv. He follows Craig Gardner, Joleon Lescott, Chris Baird, Sebastien Pocognoli, Brown Ideye, Andre Wisdom, Jason Davidson, Cristian Gamboa, Georgios Samaras and Silvestre Varela in joining West Brom during this transfer window. The 26-year-old, capped twice by his country, can play on either flank and has become the Baggies’ 11th summer acquisition. “I’m really pleased that we’ve managed to add Sebastian to the squad,” h ead coach Alan Irvine said on www.wba.co.uk. West Brom have announced the signing of Argentina wide midfielder Sebastian Blanco on a two-year deal for an undisclosed fee from Ukrainian side Metalist Kharkiv. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more