Why your website does not flow

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Because of the mentality of the station, and the size of the station is very important, your attitude determines your station, your attitude determines the size of your station, because he is your site, not my site

In fact, there are a lot of

personal website is the most have the ability to fight, why do you say that? Enterprise network will not have? I must tell you: " enterprise network is not the personal website of the rival " because of the enterprise network, is the company’s website, every 8 hours of work time, finished work, a project down cycle for a long time, and personal webmaster, eat supper thought that night can be effective, so combat ability. At the same time, the enterprise network traffic can not go on, say it tomorrow, today go out to sing KTV> read more

Reasonable optimization of Google Advertising doubled revenue

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believe in this knowledge, online search casually, needless to say, a dozen, but it seems a bit exaggerated, but when you reach that state, you will experience. It’s been months since I wrote an article in A5. But do not write things does not mean that do not read the article. Over the past few days, mainly in the past few months to optimize some of the Google advertising experience, I hope to write out. To help a friend.

two months ago in A5 to see an article on the optimization of Google Advertising, when the experience is very deep, they added their QQ group. Group name is: more than 10 knives excellent webmaster discussion group, really, at that time I was less than a day of income of 10 knives, when I was about 2 knives. In the group, we discuss a lot of things, there are very enthusiastic friends to help me with some optimization, but are not up to the effect that I want, then I 8000ip, day 2 knives, they are very sigh, traffic can’t earn money, but in their method put ads, click on%3, and click on my ideal is%7, so do click on, is not an ordinary person can optimize to get, but if you really seriously pondering together, will be able to achieve. Some friends may think that such a high number of clicks K. I’m here to tell you that any game has a law. As long as you don’t break the rules. Don’t walk crooked road, believe that you are in a high natural click Google will not say you violate the policy, all you want to make money from Google, first of all you have to do is to understand the policy of google. In order to ensure that you start the Google plan to make money. We continue to click on the topic, click on the problem how to flow into, is really a headache, this problem is not just one estimate beat me. I believe a lot of friends have encountered more traffic, but click on the problem. This is the main purpose of my writing. How can it flow into click it? read more

Research on Chinese search engine

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At present, the application of the search engine is more and more widely, and is the necessary tool for Internet users.

is mainly to use the popular search engine in China: Baidu Google in search of a Skynet Sogou and some professional search, such as the massive do music search http://s.www.1234567.com and founder of Xicihutong do http://s.www.pagou.com, these are very good. Thus, the search engine market is still very large. In particular, the successful listing of Baidu, to the industry a lot of inspiration.

The main search engine

Contains the engine related technology

1. Web spider

The basic principle of

2. chinese word segmentation

Chinese segmentation method

are currently writing a lot of Linguistics Master Thesis of this university

< >
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Two secrets to make money on the nternet

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now society, as long as it is often known, Wangzhuan is no longer an empty, There are plenty of people who earn money through the network, but for some new friends, but some don’t trust, a question is how Wangzhuan they often want to, so Wangzhuan secret in where? Many of my friends are always eager to find a method can make you rich, but really? Even though there is not a rookie you can get, for we just novice network to make money more important than money mentality, not a good attitude in any industry are very difficult to make money today, golden Wangzhuan share with you two kinds of network make money in mind, I hope to help you. read more

Domain name jump also need to record the new network interconnection 24 days clean up

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April 24th, the reporter learned from the new network interconnection, the company will start in April 24th to clean up those who do not have the record, but set the domain name jump business. Insiders expressed frustration at the move, saying it would impact the domain name investment market.

said the new network, the company received notice of the Ministry of industry, the thorough investigation of those who did not pass the record, but set up the domain name business jump. The company decided to close the domain name from April 24th. read more

Talk about how Taobao guest website brings me extra income

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Taobao guest I think we are very clear what to do, and now many webmasters are doing, including a lot of veteran owners are doing Taobao. But when I was on the Taobao site, I got a lot of extra income. I started from April last year to contact Taobao customer, I am just beginning in the forum posts, blogs do not know how to do propaganda. To later blog popularity, was blocked by sina. So I think if you want to continue to do it, it is necessary to do a website.

but there were a lot of Taobao passenger source, just like I love 123 such procedures, so on the Internet to download a web site navigation source, their slightly changed, he made a taobao.com crown book stores navigation website. Www.51taoaa.com this is my website, we can look at, very rubbish, I do not know what to optimize the. After the site to do a good job, I started posting in forums everywhere, in fact, there is not much effect, the flow is quite a lot. Finally, listen to people say do SEO know, so I study SEO, slowly also knows some, now the site of several Baidu keywords ranking the first page. read more

GG AD what kind of advertising you put the highest click

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official GG BLOG inside a sentence called " " " " good, also is we usually put ads try to put 336*280, 250*250, 728*60 in different sites do 336*280 this ad click rate will be much better. Why click rate is high, I think the most important is the keyword and content matching. Displayed in the focus place in addition, instead of the mouse central place so as to reduce delays, because this is the effect of price, the lower the delay you click on the unit price will be more and more. read more

Blue net Geng Le do website might turn from Comrade public starting ablation dispute

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if you know your son is a comrade, how will the parents react? Look at the recent fire story collection @ people in New York, the father said:

"for many years we have been feeling. Then one day, his sister, who had known about it, laughed at him like a boy from the same school. Then I heard him say, ‘well, maybe it is.’ So I said, ‘son, we’ve never talked about this, are you gay?’ he was 6 feet and 4 inches tall, but he bent over my lap and cried and cried. And that’s the most beautiful moment of my life." read more

Baidu theme promotion request greatly reduced

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      Baidu alliance VS Google Adsense advertising alliance

      Google’s strong attack on advertising alliance adsense. Baidu can not relax the threshold of Baidu theme promotion. Baidu theme promotion requirements have been ranked 50 thousand alexa. 50 thousand can count on the station level. Make many personal Adsense can only find his way.

      but Google come to mopping up posture, not only the small website finished, even large portal will also have to work with him. (Google Adsense site traffic is not required). Google Adsense is about to become synonymous with web advertising alliance. Recently, even Sina and Google cooperation, Baidu can sit safely. read more

Jason Schuller my WordPress theme entrepreneurship history

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author Jason Schuller is the founder of WordPress Press75.com theme store, adhere to the minimalist design of the WordPress theme he welcomed by the people, gave him millions of dollars in revenue in 6 years. Sell WordPress theme really so Haozhuan? Is there something


in 2008 January, I worked in the Boeing 10 years, tidy up their own several months WordPress theme template, by myself a little HTML, CSS knowledge on some topics, plug-ins for reverse engineering. At that time, WordPress will come to me that is very simple, other web sites can also be used. As I continue to publish articles in my blog, I find myself in a certain position in the WordPress community, there are many followers. It gave me the confidence to quit, to be a freelance WordPress. read more

How far is it from SEO to network supervisor

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most of the SEO, are their own online tutorials, toss the code one hand; update the contents of one hand, the first one out of the chain. From the site to the site to promote the construction of one-stop one person get. I look like a very powerful, so many owners will have a sense of self-sufficiency, especially when you can not earn money, more easily irritable. Always feel busy for so long, the total return. More "insist on victory" to comfort themselves with other people’s remarks, I do not know where the basis of this statement. read more

The future development of the website Amoy a variety of earnings coexist

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the development of any industry is on the basis of previous experience on the basis of the guest site has experienced several years of development, is now involved in this area of the webmaster, obviously feel Taobao money off the odds, why is there such a phenomenon? Many industries in the initial stage, all in one a starting line, after several years of experience, insist on down, most of the market is a veteran in battle, grasp the accuracy, profit predict degree, professional degree is not at first but it can not be mentioned in the same breath, said Taobao into the guest website no future, now do guest, still have a chance, just the success of the read more

Maximize GoogleAdSense revenue

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We collect these easy to implement techniques designed to help you maximize the potential for AdSense to increase revenue.

1 in the apparent position of display advertising.

placing ads to clear position (web page without scrolling, you can see the part) is more convenient for visitors to see ads, so as to improve the click opportunity.

2 to try different advertising format.

page style is different, so you should try to use different advertising format and page layout to match different. We offer a large number of ad formats for AdSense publishers to choose from – you can view each format in our ad format page. read more

2007 personal web site analysis

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            after 06 years in Waterloo, in the 07 year lunar new year is approaching, obviously feel personal weakness, even 315 this year as usual may spend, because there is no pressure, no risk. Making money on the road. Vast wasteland.

          07 years, the site to do, how to adhere to their own website, how to make a quick profit, placed in front of many puzzles.

07 total advertising market analysis  

    before the 80% income depends on the class of mobile phone owners, SMS, MMS WAP, iivr monthly. Now the effect of SP is less than the previous 10%, 07 years will continue to reduce. Taobao eBay and other rich advertising alliance will gradually reduce investment, experienced 06 years of pain in the risk of investment money, in the next 07 years will continue to reduce.

07 personal website development thinking

Web site in the future will surely die, 1) web site now want to do it, is very difficult, even impossible, unless you use the virus, you use the plug-in, you spend millions of millions of years to hit 1-2, any type of Web site, it will be difficult to develop. Whether it is a direct web site, or the exchange of the type of Web site, or the type of web site. Since the sale of hao123, the site of the station, this simple model was quickly copied, and even to a web site staff. Where is the money in the future? Rely on Baidu search, Google search, Yahoo search is divided into to make money? Baidu own hao123, Google also with the strategic alliance, Yahoo has its own dynamic URL 3721.

  forum community class   pain and development. Forum is the earliest model of web2.0;
read more

Don’t use software thinking to be a hit Four suggestions for hardware entrepreneurs

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tiger sniffing has been concerned about the rise of the new hardware entrepreneurial movement. For example, the "hacker should enter the beautiful new hardware", as well as on the Chinese record this "Taobao + +Kickstarter + Huaqiang North Pearl River Delta passenger survival status report more specific, creating" the rise of

trends and trends in that, but some of the key, entrepreneurs can do more on guard against and planning.

famous American investor Chris Dixon recently wrote an article in his blog, mentioned four points worth hardware entrepreneurs, especially in from software engineering to entrepreneurs reference. read more

Wang Wei Secret 9 mortgage property from smuggled goods to SF president

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he never advertised, didn’t see PE, was interviewed……

he’s 150 thousand employees, huge purchases of the IBM information, human resource management consulting service and system, he always do small pieces express.

he is the "Martian" Ma admire the most: the head of SF EXPRESS Wang Wei.

Wang Wei, 20 years ago, 100 thousand yuan started today, the annual turnover of tens of billions of dollars, its cargo aircraft 11; profit sharing with employees, employees have been earning tens of thousands; innovation (innovation in March did not feel threatened by growing crises); workaholics, work 14 hours a day; regular work, grassroots employees; low-key, do not know him strong, 100 shares; SF; bold, has 9 times the property mortgage. read more

Make the use of local small Skynet earn thousand different days

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do GG know if it is to do a foreign language station, then click on the price is very high, is a few times or even a few times a click, a click over a few dollars a lot. Site is not difficult to do, but it is difficult in the promotion and publicity, if you are a SEO expert, do this good. But the domestic SEO skills in foreign countries are not all generic, but also to learn the foreign SEO technology.

in addition to SEO, in fact, can do the same as the bulk of the domestic propaganda, but it is necessary to understand some foreign language, or difficult to engage in. Because the tools and web sites are foreign. You can also do a lot of foreign mail, in the United States, mail group is a legitimate industry, there is a special opening of the studio to do a group of foreigners, the day is the amount of millions of millions of hair. Do bulk sales of products is not very good, but it is still very strong click. read more

Ali Sheng caused professional services to prosperity

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      Sheng listed and launched a round of market offensive, let the small and medium-sized industry websites have seen new opportunities, and Alibaba’s attitude has never been so modest, before the "one" approach also is undergoing subtle changes, "and began to follow the net to peer a win-win situation".

Ma Yun has been a high-profile person, also love to put some cannon, the competitors and industry colleagues have been using the overbearing offensive strategy, always have a B2B a little pressure of their predecessors from the limelight, but tens of millions of losses so that the predecessors spoke a little "back pain". Fortunately, at the beginning of 2007 out of a dark horse: the end of 2006 Hi2000 in the Shenzhen SME board listed for trading. Although the annual profit of less than 30 million, but as the domestic A-share market, the first pure lineage A network shares, which are sought after by investors. Media focus. So, this dark horse Benz speed more and more quickly, the B2B integrated electronic commerce and industry site began to set off waves of "tornado", will "promote running" to "fire". read more

Google official in accordance with the requirements of AdSense advertising code

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since we released the server-side advertising to set this function, we modify the code is more convenient. Google AdSense code is the best way to get the code directly through the account and embedded into the site to be put in the page source code, but we found that there are a number of sites to adjust the AdSense advertising code display. For example, in a part of the literature website and some content management systems have similar to the AdSense code delivery mode:

< div id=" span_ad_01" style=" display:none" >

< script type=" text/javascript" > <!

google_ad_client = " pub-1234512345123451";

google_ad_slot = " 1234567890";

google_ad_width = 300;

google_ad_height = 250;

google_color_border = " E32BF1";

google_color_bg = " 689BF1";


< /script>

< script type=" text/javascript"

src=" http://s.pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js" >

< /script>

< /div> read more

Results of network advertising popups on line promotion

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The results of

www.chanet.com.cn on the new 4 yuan pop ads, clean page suited for class QQ site on the QQ website, welcome to

for delivery!

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if you are a league Commissioner, please give me the latest information back to us, we are the first time to broadcast to everyone. Feedback QQ:285445 mail:9999086@gmail.com read more