Mistrust in the Las Palmas locker room for the return to competition

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first_imgIf there are voices indicated to speak on behalf of the squad those are those of two heavyweights such as the captain Aythami Artiles and Alberto de la Bella. Both hierarchy footballers have recently stated that they do not see the return to normality of the competition at all clear under the conditions proposed by La Liga.“I am in favor of playing the remainder of the season, but I see the dates that I am hearing very hasty, because I think it must take a few months for that to happen. For example, when we play outside we are two nights in hotels, in addition to the plane transfer, with which I think that it will still have to take more time for the game to be played again, “said the Catalan defender in the Cope Chain, who was disappointed with the deadlines. proposed. On the other hand, Artiles was more forceful in an interview with the newspaper Tiempo de Canarias in which he confesses that “I am concerned about many things that will be solved and we will see what happens, but the first thing is the health of my people. I want to make sure they are okay and then we’ll go to the other side. “In addition, he was direct in stating that “right now, our fight and our fight is another. It is true that there are people who can see soccer as entertainment and can make people spend more time watching their team or watching soccer games, but right now we are the least important. We are not in favor of training and playing when many people are dying with many infections in the streets, but well, there is an important fact that is the economic issue. In the end it looks like it will restart. Health for some is not as important as for others. We follow orders, but we are aware that football is not important right now ”.last_img read more

Importance of ‘substance’ has eluded Granger’s entire period in office

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first_imgDear Editor,First oil is upon us and Guyanese should be rejoicing unreservedly; however, despite having had four years and seven months to prepare for this day, the Granger Administration’s dereliction of duty has resulted in us greeting first oil with our pants around our ankles. Guyana is in a state of chaos. Due to direct actions of David Granger, we have lost our parliamentary democracy; many important agencies such as the Public Procurement Commission are expired; for the Petroleum sector we have no legally enacted Sovereign Wealth Fund and we have no Local Content Policy. What we do have is a “National Petroleum Day” which is indicative of how Mr Granger’s mind works.Granger has always demonstrated a fixation with pomp, ceremony, and style. The importance of ‘substance’ has eluded his entire period in Office. We began with the Golden Jubilee and have endured his tedious medal ceremonies, capricious renaming of buildings and institutions, the sixteen-car entourages and the ‘good life’ speeches ad nauseam. What we have not seen is the work ethic that makes things like ‘first oil’ possible. Many will recall that when the discovery of oil was first made public, APNU MP, Ronald Bulkan was protesting the opening of the Marriott Hotel in Georgetown and he said of oil discovery by ExxonMobil “It is part of a pattern of deception, born of desperation. It is a quantum leap when the company is talking of hydrocarbon and the PPP is announcing oil”. The same APNU/AFC members spend oodles of time in the Marriott. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, staff parties, engagements, birthdays and marriages occur within the walls of the hotel they once promised to turn into a hospital. David Granger and APNU/AFC have always been ill-informed, visionless and unable to translate promises into reality. There is no difference in the current APNU/AFC disbelief in the PPP promise to deliver fifty-thousand jobs and the old APNU/AFC disbelief in the discovery of oil. People who do not understand that you have to toil tirelessly to accomplish anything of substance can only pose for cameras and cut ribbons on the backs of the hard work of those who do.APNU/AFC has swallowed their pride and accepted the Marriott was a visionary project, and now they are seeking to claim credit for an oil exploration contract signed by Janet Jagan in 1999 via a proclamation. While it is not unusual for APNU/AFC Ministers to hustle credit for the work of others (Noel Holder unashamedly flew to Italy within weeks of assuming office to receive an award for excellence won by his predecessor) Granger should be ashamed to even make a public appearance on this third Friday in December, for his actions since the historic No-Confidence Motion passed this day one year back will forever guarantee his name lives in infamy. The ill-advised attempt to sell three-million barrels of oil before the first gallon reached the surface was also exposed to the public this week adding to his shame.Guyanese will rejoice the flow of oil as we rejoiced in the emphatic Yes! Yes! Yes! Of Charrandas Persaud, but we are tempered in our celebrations as we know that there still remains the struggle to return Guyana to a state of parliamentary democracy via free and fair elections. Raise a glass to our dear land, enjoy all of the season’s cheer and blessings, and be secure in the knowledge that while you celebrate, we who care are unrelenting in our struggle on this road to Zion.Respectfully,Robin Singhlast_img read more

Govt terminates services of State pathologist

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first_imgThe Public Health Ministry has terminated the services of Government Pathologist, Dr Vivekanand Bridgemohan for reasons unknown. Guyana Times understands that the news of the termination was related as Police in Berbice were awaiting the doctor to perform three autopsies on Tuesday.Dr Bridgemohan, who has conducted more than 15,000 autopsies, was one of two pathologists who served in the Public Health Ministry. He performed his duties mostly in the Berbice regions.In recent times, the doctor has been criticised for his findings, thus, leaving many to question his credibility.In addition, his refusal to perform a post-mortem on the body of Mark Johnson of Nurney, Corentyne, Berbice in March last has also led to health officials and others questioned his performance.With the termination of Dr Bridgemohan’s contract, only State pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh can perform autopsies for the Police-related cases.Meanwhile, as Police wait for the autopsies to be conducted on the bodies of 55-year-old Junior Quintin, also called “Hammer” of 58 Stanleytown; Shantharam Seenarine of East Canje, and Dominic Tyler Sulker of Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, family members are uncertain whether or not to go ahead with funeral arrangements.However, Divisional Commander Paul Langevin assured relatives that arrangements will be made for the autopsies to be conducted.Back in June 2017, Dr Bridgemohan was imprisoned at the Camp Street jail by Justice Navindra Singh after he failed to show up to provide evidence in a matter before him.last_img read more

Mourinho cries foul over Sanchez treatment

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first_img0Shares0000Manchester United’s Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho, seen here at the English Premier League football match between Manchester United and Huddersfield Town at Old Trafford on February 3, 2018, was unhappy with the treatment of Alexis Sanchez © AFP/File / Paul ELLISMANCHESTER, United Kingdom, Feb 11 – Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho believes he may have to “cry a little bit more” to safeguard his players, in a thinly veiled jibe at rivals Manchester City.Mourinho was unhappy at the rough treatment dished out to Alexis Sanchez on his Old Trafford debut last weekend as United saw off Huddersfield Town 2-0. City boss Guardiola has repeatedly called for more protection for his players following a slew of dangerous challenges. The most serious challenge, by Cardiff’s Joe Bennett on Leroy Sane, has sidelined the German for six weeks with ankle ligament damage.Indeed, City have written to the body in charge of professional referees to raise their concerns and call for retrospective action when referees don’t dish out red cards when warranted.“Maybe his manager needs to cry a little bit more,” said Mourinho on the punishment taken by Sanchez.“I always liked English football. I try to feel English football has some cultural thing with tradition and there are some qualities I really like in the game but maybe I have to cry a little bit and protect my players.”“Really you can see the way Alexis was ‘welcomed’ by the opponent! You are right he is a tough boy, a pure guy who can cope with that. He coped at Yeovil too with some bad tackles like against Huddersfield.”However, Mourinho insisted the more talented players on show at United or City should not get special treatment.“I don’t like the word ‘protect’ the players because it looks like they have to protect only the top players but everybody on the pitch is the same.“The referee cannot only look at the players and say ‘this guy is a talented one I have to protect him,’ no he has to do it equally. They know the rules and if the card has to come then I am sure the refs will be in control of it.”– ‘Give me an award’ –Despite his protests in press conferences, Mourinho has cut a much more placid figure on the touchline this season and believes his good behaviour should be rewarded with a new prize.“I am not going from the bad one to the perfect one, no way. But I try and I make an effort and I’m happy with the way things are going,” said Mourinho.“I am fully committed to win the award this season for the best behaved manager on the touchline,” said Mourinho.“There are so many awards: performance of the week, manager of the month, they should give the guy that behaves better on the touchline, and they should give the vote to the fourth official, and I am pretty sure I would win! I am serious.”Sanchez’s arrival continued Mourinho’s overhaul of the United squad since taking charge 18 months ago, and he has no intention of losing goalkeeper David de Gea despite persistent interest from Real Madrid.“Do you think a club that is trying to attract the best players is the club that is open to sell the best players? It makes no sense,” he added.“If you want to go to that level you have to attract the best players like we did with Alexis, (Nemanja) Matic and (Paul) Pogba and so on and don’t let our best players to go.”0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Startimes deal a mixed blessing for Ugandan football

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first_img Tags: FUFAStarTimestop FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo (left) and StarTimes CEO Andy Wang (right) at the launch of the Startimes-Fufa partnership on Thursday morning (file photo)Kampala – On Thursday August 8, 2018, Startimes and Ugandan football entered into a marriage that will see the Pay TV giants broadcast Uganda Premier and Big League matches live on their sports channels.The move has been welcomed by a section of fans because of the figures that read $7.24 Million, the biggest sum that has ever exchanged hands in Ugandan sport history.Television is a major way forward for any growing league like Uganda’s and comes with lot of benefits;Key among them is that the football gets exposed and in Uganda’s case, much needed exposure to the outside world, particularly Africa where Startimes is based.The fact that Startimes reaches over 38 nations across Africa and six on the Asian continent is great for a league that is barely famous in the confines of East Africa.At kick off in a few weeks, clubs and players will have a chance to raise their value once their games are viewed elsewhere.This will go a long way in individual players being able to position themselves to attract suitors from other wealthier countries hence an increase in revenue for all parties involved.The other advantage that comes with televised football is that it always attracts investment in terms of sponsors, something that Uganda clubs have lacked for eternity.This means that even the smaller sides will at least have someone to bring in the money in the long run apart from the owners, a very big plus for every stakeholder in the beautiful game.But looking back at the money involved, $7.24 Million is a whopping figure when you consider the economy of the country and the recent deals in football and Ugandan Sport in general but it’s laughable viewing the trend the game is taking globally.StarTimes and FUFA officials during the launch on Thursday (file photo)With each passing day, the value of the game increases everywhere it is played and that is my biggest concern about Startimes deal.It is very rare to find a nation selling its league rights for a decade in one deal unless they are so troubled like in Ghana recently where the same company bought the local league and several other competitions at $17.95 Million for 10 years.However, there was was also a clause that required them (Startimes) to provide 10 artificial pitches and a fully equipped modern OB van to the Ghana Football Association (GFA) over the length of the contract. This is not the case in Uganda.In 2016 when Startimes arrived in Ghana, their leagues and football in general were marred by corruption allegations which were unearthed just over a month ago.The best example for a good deal would be the one between the LMC Nigeria League and Supersport  that was struck in 2015 for a reported $34 million commencing from 2015 till 2019.That is only four seasons for a league that ranks 64th in the world according to International Federation of football history and statistics.Yes they (Nigeria) are still ahead of us but I am not sure they are miles away as they have also faced the same old problems that we have faced recently and sure we are starting to overcome with each passing day.What makes Startimes deal even more reprehensible is the fact that the sum (7.24) stretches over a period of 10 years. A simple break down of the money means that annually, around $700,000 we be given out to football (UPL and Big League).It’s a small figure that looks like a good harvest at the moment.When asked about how the sum will be broken down on Thursday, Fufa President Eng. Moses Magogo was quick to let those in attendance know that they (Fufa) and the other stake holders are yet to sit down to break it down.We all know that the top tier will take the biggest share as the rest goes to the Big League. Let’s take an example, if its $500,000 that UPL takes, does anyone think it will look staggering three or five years from now? Your guess is as good as mine.We have definitely improved from Azam’s Shs 5.4 Billion that stretched over a period of three and a half years from 2015. However, five years from now, will this still feel like this was the best move for Ugandan football or that we were ripped off?The only understandable reason as to why Fufa and Moses Magogo sold Ugandan football at such a sum is because they were desperate to find a sponsor (TV sponsor) to take over after Azam offered not to extend its deal.The other issue is the so called Sports Broadcasting (SB) Limited, whoever they are!In January this year, Fufa invited journalists at Serena Hotel to witness a $3 Billion hand over of Uganda Premier and Big League plus the Uganda Cup rights, to a company that did not physically exist and one whose Managing Director is a certain Denis Mbidde, a former Fufa Vice President.FUFA and Sports Broadcasting Limited entered into $3million partnership in January (file photo)All that did not sink in at first until i personally tried to find out where Sports Broadcasting was/is found and its recent or past ventures into sports both locally and globally.My efforts were fruitless as I could neither find them anywhere nor get a glimpse of their history in Sport.With all that said, Fufa and Magogo were desperate to sell the league rights to anyone willing to acquire them at any cost as i am confident they all knew the supposed SB company was not going to deliver that is if it even exists.Startimes and Ugandan football signed a seemingly good deal for now but one we may regret a few years from now.Comments last_img read more

Enya’s delight after niece chosen as Donegal ‘Mary from Dungloe’

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first_imgGlobal singing star Enya made a rare appearance in Donegal after her niece was selected to represent Donegal in this year’s Mary from Dungloe Festival.The normally reclusive star delighted onlookers when she joined family and friends for the party.Student Hannah O’Donnell, 20, from Falcarragh is a daughter of Enya’s sister Deirdre and her husband Seamus. She was selected from fifteen young women to represent her native county at the festival in July.Orinoco Flow star Enya was joined by her siblings Moya, Deirdre, Brídín, her brother Bartley and other relatives in the Waterfront Hotel in Dungloe as they waited for the result to be announced before midnight.Earlier in the day she attended a private family function in Derrybeg where a niece was receiving her first communion.Before the festival function, the family enjoyed quiet drinks in the hotel lounge but later moved to the ballroom. Although she is rarely seen these days in her native Donegal it is understood she does make the occasional flying visit to family functions and sometimes shows up at the family pub at Meenaleck near Annagry.One of her last public appearances in Donegal was when she attended the funeral of her beloved dad Leo in June 2016.Enya was among the first of the family to rush to congratulate her niece and she then went on to meet and speak with all the other girls who participated.The normally camera-shy Enya happily posed for photos with her niece, who studies at NUI, Galway, and also with fans who were surprised to see her in the ballroom.After the formalities, she danced the night away with family and friends and according to one eyewitness, she was really having a ball of a time. “She seemed to be enjoying herself out dancing with people and posing for photographs. It was the icing on the cake then when her niece was announced as the winner of the Donegal heat. It really added to their celebrations from earlier in the day.”Another local girl, Breena Boyle, 19, from Keadue was selected to represent the town of Dungloe at the 10-day event that runs from July 27th to August 5th.Festival organiser Mary Ward said all the participating girls were excellent but unfortunately only two could be selected.“It was a great night and we have two lovely girls to represent Dungloe and Donegal. It was a big surprise to see Enya among the crowd and we thank her for her support,” she said. Enya’s delight after niece chosen as Donegal ‘Mary from Dungloe’ was last modified: May 7th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:EnyaMary From Dungloeniecelast_img read more

SA Airways wins ‘on time’ award

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first_img SAinfo reporter 28 February 2013 South African Airways (SAA) has won the On Time Performance Service Award in the “Middle East and Africa major airlines” category, handed out by global flight and airport information services firm FlightStats. SAA has a 91.17% On Time Performance average, which bagged it the prize in its category against stiff competition from Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Gulf Air Company. The category looks at airlines which operate at least 30 000 scheduled flights annually in the Middle East and Africa and with a flight status coverage threshold of 80%. Airlines are recognised and awarded for delivering the highest percentage of flights to their arrival gates within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time. “SAA is absolutely thrilled to win this prominent award as on time performance is a critical factor considered by customers when selecting which airline to fly,” SAA’s general manager of operations, Zuks Ramasia, said in a statement on Wednesday. SAA also said it has clamped down on baggage irregularities and theft in the last year thanks to a system-wide, structured approach to baggage handling. Collaboration between the Airports Company South Africa, airport ground handlers, outstations and SAA’s baggage services and group security services departments has ensured the improvement of surveillance and dealing with operational challenges. “SAA is grateful to its employees and partners for helping it to achieve this outstanding on time performance and baggage handling success,” Ramasia said. “It is only through collaboration and teamwork at all levels that SAA has been able to achieve these important goals. “But we will not rest on our laurels – rather, we will continue to apply a laser focus on providing our valued customers with reliable and high-quality service in every aspect of the travel experience.”last_img read more

3 Travel Bug Travel Tips

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first_imgShare with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedTrackable Do’s and Don’tsJune 16, 2014In “Learn”New Years Resolutions for…Your Travel Bug®January 13, 2014In “Community”Nottingham to Nottingham Travel Bug RaceSeptember 12, 2011In “Community” 3 Tips to Help Keep Travel Bugs on the RoadThousands of Travel Bugs are in motion right now. They’re powered by geocachers, bounding from geocache to geocache. Travel Bugs travel in pockets, backpacks, purses and snuggle up in suitcases for long distance voyages. Sometimes though, their travels stop cold. They get stuck in couch cushions, lost in the kitchen junk drawer or simply (and sadly) forgotten.Here are 3 tips to help Travel Bugs do what they do best: travel. First, if you find a Travel Bug® or any trackable in a geocache, you are not required to trade anything for it. But if you take it, follow some common sense trackable etiquette. It all starts by entering the tracking code here.•    Log that you have retrieved the Travel Bug or trackable from the geocache as soon as you’re able. By logging that you’ve retrieved it, the Travel Bug owner, geocache owner and all those looking for Travel Bugs will know that this one is on the move.•    Check the Travel Bug’s goal by going to its page. It’s as easy as typing in the tracking code. Then you can find out if it’s headed to beaches around the world, mountain tops in Austria or somewhere else. The idea is to place the Travel Bug in a geocache that will move it closer to its goal.•    Drop the trackable in the next geocache and log that you have done so. If you need to keep the trackable for more than two weeks, please email the owner to let them know that their trackable is taking a short rest, but will be on the road again soon.Geocachers who follow the 3 keys to Travel Bug etiquette help create the beautiful global choreography that unfolds in this Travel Bug® Travels video.last_img read more

Men for all seasons: The all-rounders to watch out for this World Cup

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first_imgAn analysis of five star all-rounders who will have their task cut out at the Cup.SHANE WATSON (AUS)Age: 29; Matches: 123; Runs: 3,353; Average: 40.89; Highest: 161*; Wickets: 127; Average: 28.08; Best bowling: 4/36How far Australia go will depend, to a very large extent, on how Watson performs.The burly allrounder has been in dream form of late, especially with the bat. With the Aussies spoilt for choice in pace bowling, he is not always required to roll his arm over. But he has seldom let his team down and has often been assigned to bowl the last over. Watson also has good memories of India, having starred for the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League.SHAKIB AL HASAN (BAN)Age: 23; Matches: 102; Runs: 2,834; Average: 34.98; Highest: 134*; Wickets: 129; Average: 28.80; Best bowling: 4/33Shakib is the only player in the Bangladesh squad who can be termed world-class in the real sense of the term. With the responsibility of captaincy added to his batting and bowling obligations, he is set to play a pivotal role in his team’s campaign.Shakib’s left-arm spin will be crucial in tying down the opposition batsmen and his middle-order batting will be expected to shore up the normally fragile Tigers line-up if Bangladesh have to have any chance of advancing from their pool.YUSUF PATHAN (IND)Age: 28; Matches: 45; Runs: 694; Average: 33.04; Highest: 123*; Wickets: 30; Average: 34.76; Best bowling: 3/49What Pathan can do, few others can. When he is on song, no total is safe. He has won some matches for India from seemingly lost situations.No boundary is big enough for him and no asking rate high enough. Add to it his miserly off- spin on tracks suited to his type of bowling and one can be sure that the Baroda marauder will have a key role to play as the co- hosts set out to end their 28-year World Cup drought.SHAHID AFRIDI (PAK)Age: 30; Matches: 312; Runs: 6,583; Average: 23.93; Highest: 124; Wickets: 292; Average: 35.42; Best bowling: 6/38Despite playing more than 300 matches, ‘Boom Boom’ Afridi never fails to generate excitement. Not all of it is due to his cricketing skills – as his antics of scruffing up the pitch and biting the ball will testify. But he is a genuine match-winner with his big hitting and leg-spin bowling. Pakistan will hope that the added responsibility of captaincy will bring maturity to his game as the mercurial side makes a bid to go all the way to glory.JACQUES KALLIS (SA)Age: 35; Matches: 307; Runs: 11,002; Average: 45.84; Highest: 139; Wickets: 259; Average: 31.90; Best bowling: 5/30He is one of the all-time greats and it will be apt if Kallis leads the charge to bring South Africa’s first World Cup. He is the colossus around which the Proteas side revolves. When he doesn’t play, the team misses two players – such is his value to the side. Though he doesn’t bowl as much as he did in years gone by, he can be relied to claim crucial wickets. advertisementlast_img read more

GST: Ford slash prices of Figo, EcoSport, Endeavour in India by up to Rs 1.5 lakh

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first_imgFord India has decided to reduce vehicle prices by up to 4.5 per cent with immediate effect to pass on the GST benefit to the customers.While the reduction in prices will vary from state to state, the highest cut will be in Mumbai with the company’s flagship SUV Endeavour becoming cheaper by up to Rs 3 lakh.”We will pass on the benefits in the range of up to 4.5 per cent across the range,” a Ford India spokesperson told PTI.In Delhi, price of hatchback Figo has been cut by Rs 2,000, that of compact SUV Ecosport by up to Rs 8,000. Price of premium SUV Endeavour has been reduced by up to Rs 1.5 lakh.In Mumbai, the prices will go down in the range of Rs 28,000 on Figo to Rs 3 lakh on Endeavour.The company sells a range of vehicles starting from hatchback Figo to premium SUV Endeavour, that were priced between Rs 4.75 lakh to Rs 31.5 lakh (ex-showroom).The company, however, did not share details about the revised pricing of its iconic sports car Mustang.Already, various automakers such as Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover and BMW have reduced prices to transmit the GST relief down the line.ALSO READ:GST: Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Mahindra sales take a hit in JuneALSO READ:GST: TVS Motor, Hero MotoCorp slash prices of select models in IndiaALSO READ:GST: Should you buy a new vehicle before or after July 1?last_img read more