Bali refutes ‘Daily Mail’ report that it had become ‘a ghost town’

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first_imgBali tourism stakeholders have rebuffed an online report in a British tabloid suggesting that the resort island had become a “ghost town” due to a decline in the number of Chinese tourists following Indonesia’s travel ban.The Indonesian government imposed a ban on all flights to and from mainland China on Feb. 5 amid fears of the novel coronavirus spreading to the country.“It’s a hoax,” Bali Tourism Agency head Putu Astawa told journalists on Monday, after meeting with industry players in the provincial capital of Denpasar. Astawa was referring to an article published on Saturday in the Mail Online titled “Bali is transformed from tourist Mecca to a ghost town as Chinese tourists are banned because of the spread of coronavirus”. The article said that Bali’s “airport and city streets are lifeless” and that “shopping centres have been left empty” following the indefinite travel ban.While Astawa confirmed that Bali had seen a decline in the number of Chinese tourist arrivals, he said that tourist arrivals from other countries remained stable.Read also: Bali denies entry to 17 foreigners who had traveled to China “The declining number of tourist arrivals only [affects] the China market, or around 25 to 27 percent of total tourist arrivals. Other markets are still on schedule and no cancellations [have been made] so far,” he said.Bali Hotel Association chairman Ricky Putra agreed with Astawa, saying that “tourists from other countries are still coming to Bali”.After Australia, China contributed the second largest number of foreign tourist arrivals in Bali in 2019, with Statistic Indonesia (BPS) records showing that 1.1 million of 6.3 million foreign tourists to Bali were from China.Ricky said that in terms of economic benefits, tourists from European countries, Australia and the United States actually contributed more income to the province because they usually stayed in Bali longer than Chinese tourists.Tourists from China typically stayed four to five days while European, Australian and American tourists generally stayed two to four weeks on the island resort, he said. “This means that some 500,000 Chinese tourists are equal to around 120,000 to 150,000 European tourists,” he said, referring to the average duration of stay.The travel ban covers all flights to and from China and temporarily bans the visa-free and visa-on-arrival facilities for Chinese nationals. It also prevents all travelers who have stayed at least two weeks in mainland China from visiting or transiting  in Indonesia.Read also: Govt asks airlines to slash fares to Bali, Bintan to keep tourism afloat amid virus scareThe ban was imposed as a measure to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, Hubei province, which has killed more than 1,000 people in mainland China and spread to 28 countries to date.Astawa, however, remained optimistic that Bali’s tourism would stay strong despite the ban, especially since no confirmed cases of the coronavirus had been detected on the resort island.No confirmed cases have been recorded in Indonesia.“The government has taken various measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Indonesia, including banning flights to and from mainland China as well as installing more thermal scanners at the airport,” he said.Tourism stakeholders in Bali, Astawa added, were also trying to attract more visitors from other countries to the island while coordinating with airlines to reroute flights that had connected Bali with Chinese cities to other countries instead.“We will attract more tourists from Europe, Australia and the US,” he said. “We will create a cheap tourist package [with] discounted airfare, hotel rates, travel agent [fees] and tourist attraction [tickets]. We are still coordinating with other stakeholders on the plan.”Topics :last_img read more

South Korean footwear manufacturer Sejin to relocate from China to Indonesia

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first_imgGarment company PT Sejin Fashion Indonesia, a subsidiary of South Korean footwear manufacturer Parkland Co., Ltd., has made the decision to relocate its production base from China to Indonesia, a top official said on Saturday.The plan was confirmed following a visit to South Korea by Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) head Bahlil Lahadalia and State-Owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir on Wednesday and Thursday.“One more company is going to relocate from China to Indonesia. It’s a labor-intensive industry, it could add up to 4,000 new jobs. Hopefully, it will help the economy during this COVID-19 crisis,” Bahlil said in a written statement on Saturday, adding that Sejin would also increase foreign exchange as it exported its products. Sejin plans to relocate its factory from Dalian city in China to Pati regency in Central Java. The company’s total investment value is estimated at US$35 million.Read also: Experts warn against complacency as foreign companies plan relocation to IndonesiaThe company is expecting support from the Indonesian government in the form of a survey on non-new capital goods (BMTB) machines to be relocated from factories in China, the establishment of an industrial zone, a permit on bringing in expert foreign workers during the pandemic and eligibility for a tax allowance scheme.Bahlil further said the government had accepted Sejin’s application on tax incentives. Parkland CEO Myeong-gyu Park expressed optimism that Sejin would thrive in Indonesia, just as Parkland did for the past 15 years.The Busan-based company established its local company, PT Parkland World Indonesia, in 2005 and has since produced footwear for brands such as Adidas, New Balance and Reebok. It has factories in Serang in Banten and Jepara, Rembang and Pati in Central Java.Sejin director Ho-jung Park said he appreciated the BPKM’s quick response to the investment.“We are greatly helped by all the support given. We will do our best so that we can immediately realize our investment in Indonesia,” Park said.Topics :last_img read more

Gov. Wolf Allows HB 2463 to Become Law

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first_img July 26, 2020 Press Release,  Statement,  Transparency Calls for Increased Transparency in the General Assembly Governor Tom Wolf let HB 2463 become law without his signature. The governor offered the following statement on the bill:“Since the introduction of House Bill 2463, my administration has expressed deep concerns with forcing commonwealth employees to physically come to an office to process records requests under dangerous conditions. We have gone above and beyond to provide information to the legislature and public throughout the pandemic, including the data that drive​ our decision making.“Yesterday, the Office of Open Records provided some assurance that they will draft guidelines to keep the commonwealth’s dedicated public servants safe. While I am still very concerned about the ill-conceived and poorly drafted legislation as it pertains to protections for critical security and infrastructure during an emergency, I am going to err on the side of transparency, as I have done throughout my term, and let this bill become law.“Because the legislation is not only thoughtless and foolish, but also poorly drafted, at the time I let this bill become law, I also am stating my understanding that the legislation simply clarifies that various data and models related to a disaster declaration are public records, so long as those records are not exempt from release under the existing Right-to-Know Law, including exemptions necessary to protect the safety and security of state infrastructure and those related to the pre-deliberative process of state agencies and officials.“To be clear, commonwealth agencies are processing records requests and have been doing so for months. Responses were sent on all pending or received record requests. In fact, as this bill made its way through the legislative process, offices had re-opened and requests were being processed long before this bill came to my desk. This bill is no more than a talking point for many in the General Assembly, and it is long past time for mere talking about government transparency; it is time for exemplifying it, in particular as we continue to address the pandemic.“Over the past several months, many in the General Assembly have tried to roll back my administration’s mitigation efforts to mirror those of Florida, Arizona and Texas. These actions would have resulted in more deaths and greater economic harm and at no point have these legislators provided any data to justify their attempts. They are contrarian for contrarian’s sake.“With the benefit of hindsight, their attempted actions have proven to be universally incorrect and have been repudiated by almost every public health expert in the country.“Like most other legislative records, the rationale for their attempts to force the commonwealth to prematurely reopen and hinder our response to the pandemic remains elusive. In fact, for years, a majority in the legislature has exempted themselves from any meaningful right-to-know process. They have created a category of legislative privilege allowing them to block the release of almost all information, including basic information such as correspondence and calendars, not to mention any emails that outline their often-flawed decision-making processes.“Now, I am calling on members to apply the same basic transparency that they expect of the other branches of government to themselves. Legislation should be passed to make the Right-to-Know Law applicable to the General Assembly, and allow for the legislature to voluntarily provide information requested via the RTK law to media and other interested citizens, just as they ask the other branches of government to do.“Even with these suggested changes, more must be done to truly reform government for the better. We need to further enhance our election and campaign finance systems, and ban gifts to ensure the people of Pennsylvania, and not special interests, are the reason for every elected official’s actions.“I am still worried that the provisions of HB 2463 will needlessly put commonwealth employees in possible danger retrieving records to meet an arbitrary timeline. This concern is heightened because legislators, by example, have wantonly endangered their own employees by having them come in to work when telecommuting would be adequate, have tried to force workers throughout the state back to work without adequate protection, and have refused to follow basic public health advice such as wearing masks.“Some members of the legislature have repeatedly said they do not take this virus seriously. In fact, the author of this legislation has appeared in the chamber almost exclusively mask-less around staff and colleagues. They have rallied the fringes of their movement to needlessly endanger the residents of Pennsylvania for the approval of President Trump.“I will let this bill become law, but it is time for the Republican legislature to hold themselves accountable for their intentional lack of transparency, their failures throughout this pandemic, and their response that has repeatedly endangered employees and citizens in Pennsylvania.“It’s time for accountability and reform, and that is what we should all expect and demand.”Ver esta página en español. Gov. Wolf Allows HB 2463 to Become Lawcenter_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Drewry: Reefer Rates to Soar amid Container Shortages

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first_imgReefer rates are set to skyrocket, as the increasing pressures from carrier consolidation collide with acute shortages of reefer containers, according to shipping consultancy Drewry.With half of the planned M&A activity among container carriers still to come into effect, and the typical reefer season cooling down after its peak in Q4 and Q1, Drewry’s Global Reefer Freight Rate Index increased by USD 52 or about 2% from Q1 to Q2. Based on the preliminary data for Q3, the index will rise further as the slack season continues.Hence, the argument could be made that carrier consolidation by itself is not responsible for the rise in reefer rates, and that there has to be another factor. That other factor is a shortage of reefer containers, according to Drewry.“The need for greater transparency in reefer shipping pricing is growing as shippers face mounting cost pressures due to equipment shortages,” the shipping consultancy said.Using 2010 as a base, Drewry informed that 2016 is the first year where demand had outgrown supply. The number of reefer boxes joining the fleet was very low in 2016, at around 60% of its historical average for the last decade. And it will be low again in 2017.“All of this is putting many reefer shippers in a particularly unpleasant spot: due to the perishability of their cargo, they are extremely sensitive to supply side disruptions. And they have seen plenty of those of late,” Drewry said.last_img read more

JFSE Wraps Up Taiwanese Offshore Wind Project

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first_imgJames Fisher Subsea Excavation (JFSE), a part of James Fisher and Sons, has completed its first project in Taiwan.JFSE deployed the shallow draft Twin R2000 tool to de-bury and retrench a cable for maintenance as part of the Formosa 1 wind farm development for its client, cable lay contractor Woen Jinn Harbor (WJH).Formosa 1, near Miaoli on the west coast of Taiwan, is a 130MW wind farm and will be the country’s first commercial-scale offshore wind project, the company noted.Lee Cheng-Yu, director at WJH, said: “This was a complex element of the project. We needed to use an M/CFE provider that had a strong track record in the offshore wind farm market so we could fully trust the cables would be protected during the process. The JFSE team and the Twin R2000 provided a fantastic service.”Richard Beattie, regional director Asia Pacific at JFSE, said: “We are delighted to have successfully completed our first project in Taiwan and provided WJH with the perfect solution for its subsea excavation requirements. The Twin R2000’s flexibility to operate in shallow water depths from 1.5m and non-contact method was vital.”last_img read more

L3 OceanServer Introduces New Iver AUV

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first_imgL3 OceanServer has rolled out its new Iver Precision Workhorse (Iver PW) autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). The new Iver PW is the first in a family of highly capable commercial AUVs to address a wide variety of customer missions, including survey research and mapping, sub-surface security, and environmental monitoring.“Undersea missions are evolving, and L3 is uniquely positioned to develop military and commercial solutions using next-generation processing, autonomy and power technologies to enable new capabilities and missions,” said Daryl Slocum, general manager of L3 OceanServer.Iver AUVs support a range of military and commercial AUV operations. According to the company, the new Iver PW extends critical features that have made the Iver product family the AUV of choice for military and commercial missions, with advanced capabilities.last_img read more

My 16-Year-old son died from marijuana

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first_imgParents Opposed to Pot 2 September 2018Family First Comment:  “In spite of parents’ best efforts, when a dangerous substance is that easily within reach (often cloaked in gummy bears and brownies), children and teenagers will find access. By making recreational marijuana legal – this will increase abuse on this dangerous drug, not curb danger.” www.VoteNo.nzMy heart is broken. I taught my son that peer pressure is dangerous and that action is never justified because someone else said it was “okay.”Less than one year ago I received a parent’s worst nightmare at my front door: a Police Officer informing me Henry had been in a horrific car crash. He died a 16-year-old junior at Ludington High School, full of potential. No father should ever have to bury his son. The cause? Recreational marijuana.How It HappenedIt was the evening of October 6, 2017 (homecoming night!). Henry was at the home of a 19-year-old young man, “dabbing”, which is the use of an inhaler to breathe marijuana into your system, making it extremely potent.This 19-year-old took videos of my son Henry both while he was dabbing and also after he passed out; he then let Henry get into his car to drive home. Apparently, Henry passed out again, only this time behind the wheel. Driving through a stop sign, he hit a semi-truck. He would die a few hours later. And my life has never been the same.You can imagine my agony as my state now faces a decision on the November ballot on whether or not to legalize the very drug that took my son. I implore Michigan voters: please vote no to legalizing recreational marijuana in Michigan.Marijuana is Too AccessibleWhen someone loses a child, you ask yourself, “how can I honor his legacy to make sure this never happens again to someone else’s child?” Some people have said, “if it was legal it would mean less trouble in the world.” Those who make that argument are short-sighted, basing their rationale on their own desire and not on facts or responsible judgment.Medical marijuana is already legal in Michigan but its use is already being abused. This ballot initiative addresses recreational marijuana, allowing every adult in a home to have up to 12 plants. Can you imagine how accessible it will become to children?! In spite of parents’ best efforts, when a dangerous substance is that easily within reach (often cloaked in gummy bears and brownies), children and teenagers will find access. By making recreational marijuana legal – this will increase abuse on this dangerous drug, not curb danger.It is not helpful to point fingers at those who have lost someone and suggest we are to blame as parents. On top of poor choices, Henry made that night, this substance was way too accessible and acceptable to the people in this community.READ MORE: read more

Evangelical association “vehemently opposed” to gay cruise tours visiting Dominica

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first_img Sharing is caring! 478 Views   13 comments Share Share Tweetcenter_img LocalNews Evangelical association “vehemently opposed” to gay cruise tours visiting Dominica by: – March 23, 2012 Share Bishop Bill DanielThe president of the Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches (DAEC) Michael Daniel has reiterated his organization’s position which is “vehemently” opposed to the arrival of gay cruise tours on the island.Daniel issued a press statement on Friday commending the Dominica Police Force for their “quick response” in handling an incident involving two male tourists aboard a ship docked in Dominica on Wednesday.“The news of two male passengers who were alleged to have been involved in public sexual acts, on the balcony of “Celebrity X Cruises” ship docked at the Bayfront, in Roseau is certainly not good news for the Evangelical community and the nation as a whole,” he said.The president noted, that homosexuality is an “act of iniquity” according to the bible but is also a violation of the laws of Dominica therefore “visitors to our shores must understand that Dominica is a sovereign state with strong spiritual values that will never be compromised”.Daniel said according to the bible, the punishment for homosexuality “is the judgment of God which is clearly recorded in the bible in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah”.The DAEC spoke “quite loudly” through a demonstration in 2008 when an “unannounced gay cruise” visited Dominica after they were “rejected by another Caribbean island” as well as against the practice of homosexuality.The Association is of the view that anyone found guilty of “such immoral acts being displayed in public, should receive the full weight of the law” but that this measure should not only be used “against but against all those who demonstrate such behaviors in public”.Daniel said further, “the offenders, who have one intention and that is to pollute our beautiful country, the nature island of the world” and that Wednesday’s incident was not merely a “coincidence”.The Association believes the incident was meant as a “test on Dominica’s position on same sex relationships including homosexuality and lesbianism”.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Do not evict frontliners vs COVID – Jerry

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first_imgILOILO City – Boardinghouse operatorsthrowing out tenants who are healthcare workers during this time of enhancedcommunity quarantine against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) face direconsequences, said Mayor Jerry Treñas. “Pagkatapossini, atubangay man kita gihapon,” he said. “Hindipo ito ang panahon para talikuran natin ang atinghealthcare workers. Sila po ay nag-iingatpara hindi makapanghawa ng iba. Sosana po ‘wag po natin itong (discrimination) gawin sa ating mga healthcare workers,” said Vergeire. Healthcare workers of The Medical Cityin Molo district, specifically nurses, reported being barred from enteringtheir boardinghouses or barangays following the confirmation that two personswith COVID-19 were confined in that hospital. Treñas received information that busesrejected healthcare workers, and even carinderiaswon’t sell food to them. Concerned citizens have donated itemsto the temporary shelter such as folding beds, mattresses and pillows. The Medical City assured the publicits healthcare workers and frontliners pose no health risk to the public. “We should not allow this to happen.Please keep in mind if our healthcare workers cannot eat, if they cannot go towork, if they cannot rest and sleep, who will take care of you if you getinfected,” Treñas reminded the public. Recently, Undersecretary Ma. RosarioVergeire of the Department of Health (DOH) appealed to the Ilonggos not todiscriminate healthcare workers fighting COVID-19. This prompted the city government totemporarily transform the Iloilo City Community College into a shelter forhealthcare workers.Treñas called on healthcare workers to coordinate with the city government. For its part, the SangguniangPanlungsod (SP) passed a resolution urging the strict enforcement of RegulationOrdinance (RO) No. 2020-058 (an ordinance amending the title, sections I and IIof RO 2020-090 which declared as unlawful acts of discrimination based ongender, race, color, descent, national or ethnic origin and religiousaffiliation or beliefs. The word “profession” had been added. HOME AWAY FROM HOME. A classroom at the Iloilo City Community College in Molo district has been temporarily converted into a billeting area for healthcare workers barred from returning to their boardinghouses or barangays from their work in hospitals. The Department of Health is appealing to Ilonggos not to discriminate healthcare workers fighting the coronavirus disease. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN Dr. Felix Ray Villa, chief executiveofficer of The Medical City in Iloilo City, said “Our quarantine protocols havealready been in place even before this positive result. We have taken eachpossible precaution to make sure this is contained. There is no cause for panicas the proper protocols have been observed and followed.”/PNlast_img read more

NegOcc’s No. 7 most wanted person falls

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first_imgPolice officers served the warrant issued by Judge Frances Guanzon of the Regional Trial Court Branch 62 in Bago City dated Nov. 22, 2012. BACOLOD City – Authorities arrested a man tagged as the No. 7 most wanted person in this province. The court recommended no bail bond for his temporary liberty./PN He was caught on the strength of an arrest warrant for the crime of murder in Barangay Zone 2, Murcia around 7 a.m. on July 7.center_img The suspect was detained in the lockup facility of the Bago City police station. Antonio Tenero of Barangay Poblacion, Bago City had been hiding from the police for about 8 years.last_img read more