New attraction for Croatian diving tourism: A sunken Roman ship discovered near Pag

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first_imgA sunken Roman ship with hundreds of Roman amphorae was discovered near Pag.The site has yet to be further explored, but it is already certain that it is a new attractive location for diving tourism, which with about 180 diving centers is growing. The program of underwater activities in parts of the sea where cultural property is located is adopted by the Ministry of Culture. for the period from 2014 to 2018 includes 31 protected areas. A new program for a five-year period is expected soon, and the Diving Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce is cooperating with the Ministry of Culture on future conditions and treatment of these areas in order to improve the competitiveness of diving tourism. “The latest archaeological find in the Croatian submarine has been understood by the Ministry of Culture, that the protection is made in cooperation with diving centers through the installation of video surveillance, other technical protection measures and the application of new methods of presentation and tourist promotion. With a specialized form of tourist and cultural offer, diving enthusiasts are the first on the line in terms of environmental protection of the sea and are extremely aware of the importance of sustainable tourism, ” said the President of the Diving Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Vedran Dorušić, during a tourist dive, participated in the discovery of the wreck of a Roman ship near the island of Pag, which is believed to date from the beginning of the first century BC.In Croatia, there is a deliberate sinking of boats that serve as a diving attraction. The practice is better known as scuttling, and the first ship to be sunk in this way in Croatia is Vis, the flagship of the Yugoslav Navy, located in the Istrian bay of Polje. “Over the last year, there has been better regulation of the profession in Croatia, so any new attraction is more than welcome. Tourist diving has been singled out as a special form of tourism in the new Law on the Provision of Services in Tourism, and providers of tourist diving services have been defined, which has reduced the space for unfair competition. By the end of the year, the adoption of the Ordinance on diving safety is expected, on which we are working intensively with the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure,”Said Dorusic, adding that the collection of data on diving centers is underway with the aim of promotion on the central page of the CNTB.Dorušić points out that the problem of qualified workforce is still present among the remaining issues of the profession, since in addition to professional qualifications and international certificates, knowledge of foreign languages ​​is also required. Therefore, the Community is considering the development of the concept of simple education of diving leaders, especially for foreign labor, but also to strengthen the popularity of diving among young people in Croatia.  According to the research Tomas Summer 2017 of the Institute of Tourism, diving is a motive for coming to Croatia for more than 6% of respondents, while when choosing activities during their stay, 16,3% of guests choose diving. Most of them are in the group up to the age of 29, 20% of them. According to one of the world’s leading diving organizations, Padi, over 20 new divers have been certified each year for the past 900 years.One of the leading diving destinations in the world is Egypt, to which the diving attraction and wreck of the sunken ship SS Thistlegorm brings more revenue than the pyramids at Giza. RELATED NEWS:Published results of the research “Attitudes and consumption of tourists in Croatia – TOMAS Summer 2017.”Download the complete survey Attitudes and consumption of tourists in Croatia – TOMAS Summer 2017last_img read more

WorleyParsons wins management consultancy work with Reliance

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first_imgAustralian engineering company WorleyParsons has been awarded a project management consultancy services contract on the R-Cluster field off India by Reliance Industries.WorleyParsons said on Wednesday that the PMC contract with Reliance would see the company work in the Krishna Godavari basin off the East coast of India.The field is located in water depths between 1,800 and 2,150 meters approximately 70 kilometers offshore.The company added that the services would be led and executed by its Advisian Houston office.“We are delighted that Reliance Industries has chosen WorleyParsons to provide PMC services for this project. We look forward to working with Reliance Industries to contribute to the development of India’s gas-based economy,” said Andrew Wood, CEO of WorleyParsons.Reliance awarded several deals for work on the R-Cluster recently. Just last week, Reliance awarded an engineering, procurement, installation, and pre-commissioning deal of subsea flowlines, vent lines, and a pipeline-end manifold for connection with six subsea wells to McDermott.The deal between the two companies included an option for five to seven more subsea wells on the S-Cluster, in addition to the six R-Cluster wells. The optional scope also consists of two additional subsea structures and flowlines at a water depth between 1,400 meters and 1,800 meters.Reliance also awarded an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract to OneSubsea last month for the supply of a subsea production system at the field.The scope of this deal includes trees, subsea manifolds, control system, tie-in system, multi-phase meters, intervention tooling, and test equipment for the R-Cluster.The R-Cluster is one of three sets of discoveries in the offshore KG-D6 block that Reliance and oil major BP are working to bring online by 2021-22.Offshore Energy Today Stafflast_img read more