The story behind the new destination portal of Istrian tourism

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first_imgToday, cooperation with various influencers is becoming increasingly important in the digital strategy, and the Tourist Board of Istria was the first to implement such a story, through the #ShareIstria project, which has been bringing influencers to its destination for four years. The website includes many service providers in tourism, and by clicking on one of the products, the website provides a handful of information all the way to the final information, which is direct contact with the provider. However, as new service providers are constantly appearing, and all those service providers that are not currently on the web, the Istria Tourist Board invites everyone to contact them and send information about the product or service in order to fit their offer into the new website. Specialized pages of the Tourist Board of Istria The main focus is no longer on b2b information, but exclusively on the user / tourists and the sale of experiences and stories. And as it is imperative today to follow new digital trends, the Tourist Board of the Istrian County has made a redesign of the website since 2019, which has undergone a total turnaround in the approach to the promotion of Istria as our main tourist destination. As I have already written about new website, now I bring a little more detail of how the whole project was conceived. Thus, in 2018, the website was visited by 1.251.852 (2% more than in the previous year) uniqe users, with a total of 1.929.724 sessions and 6.411.742 page views. The results of the campaign are more than excellent. Thus, over 3.81 billion impressions were generated, and an average of 43 million content impressions with the hashtag #ShareIstria on a daily basis during the campaign. The campaign had a reach of 384 million users (the year before 254 million), and the reach of content with the hashtag #ShareIstria on a daily basis during the campaign was 4.4 million. As I mentioned above, the new website is dedicated to the guest, so according to the development guidelines, the content on the page must arouse emotions in the visitor with the key goal of creating a desire to visit, and the primary focus of the page is on “storytelling”. in the charm of Istria. Also, the focus of the content is primarily visual, but shown through a structured “funnel” of visitors, and elements of a personalized approach are provided. The #ShareIstria project in 2019 introduces some innovations Thus, the #ShareIstria campaign in the 2018 edition brought 28 influencers to Istria, and included 8 weeks during which guests discovered Istria and its contents. Each author had the opportunity to publish posts about Istria on their social media profiles for a total of 21 days from arrival at the destination. But apart from reach, one of the most important factors is interaction. Thus, 3.8 million likes were achieved, and an average of 30.500 likes were created on the content with the hashtag #ShareIstria on a daily basis during the campaign, while the best interaction on a daily basis was 225.000 likes in one day.center_img As Denis Ivošević, director of the Istria Tourist Board, points out, the new digital platform unites all destinations in Istria and all products and experiences in Istria, not only through the web but also through the entire platform of social networks and channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, etc.) , and shows the offer of all tourist boards in Istria. “The website is designed and engineered in such a way that the user can access the information or get inspired both from top to bottom and vice versa. What does that mean? This means that if someone is looking for something in Rovinj, automatically through search engines comes to the destination page of Rovinj which is part of the destination of ancient Istria or vice versa, the user may be interested in Istria in general, so the user through interest filters ‘descends’ to Rovinj or gourmet information product. This is exactly what the digital strategy was intended to achieve. “ Ivošević points out and adds that the trend of increasing the number of users who access the destination portal from mobile devices continues. In the case of the mentioned website, 62% of users access it via mobile phones. “Users want to get the requested information quickly and efficiently, and precisely because of this fact, this new destination portal is designed to be ‘user friendly’ (faster, more intuitive and easier to access information) just for the growing number of users accessing from mobile devices.. ” Ivošević emphasizes. Web page has long been positioned as the main online destination platform for Istrian tourism. And concrete figures speak for themselves. One of the novelties of the new website is definitely the category MyIstria, which serves as a travel planner. Thus, each article has the possibility to be marked and dragged into a kind of basket, thus obtaining a personalized planner. Also, there is a kind of aggregator that through the initial two options (Sport or leisure) leads further to different subcategories or style of discovering Istria. “Travel planner allows users to independently create a program (itinerary), save it and share it with friends, family… For some time now, the ‘chat’ option has been in function, through which the web user can communicate with agents in real time. contact center. In addition to the telephone, this is an additional option through which users can obtain information of interest from agents at any time. ” Ivošević points out. As they point out from the Tourist Board of Istria, the new destination portal is a centralized “online place of Istria”, ie a regional portal from which visually and content-wise harmonized local pages branch off. At the level of Istria, the site has the primary task of inspiring visitors to come to Istria (through strong and visually attractive media content – photo / video), while at the local level the primary task is information. The strategic goals of the new online platform are to position as a central place for inspiring users in the phase of daydreaming and deciding on choosing a vacation in Istria, and to position the site as an informative guide for users within the destination. Also, the goal is to provide a simple upsell of special offers and arrangements through the “affiliate” program and to ensure the standardization of content quality at the regional and local community level. As in previous years, the operational editing of the destination web portal and social networks is done by IRTA (Istrian Development Tourist Agency) on behalf of the Istria County Tourist Board, which leads and financed the development of a new destination portal based on the new Digital Strategy. For the new Share Istria campaign, Ivošević is also announcing some news, such as bringing in celebrity influencers. “For the new edition, we will bring to the destination successful and popular bloggers, photographers and travel writers, better known as travel influencers, with a simple goal: to promote Istria worldwide with the best tourism ambassadors of today. This year we will try to bring a few celebrity influencers who we will try to integrate into the daily life of our partners vin .winery, oilmen hoteliers, hunters, guides so that they experience the daily life of our people, to experience how much effort and knowledge and skills it takes to make one super product, which they promote with a photo and a mini text. In this way, we want to give added value to our producers, and influencers, to feel first-hand the effort and sacrifice invested to produce top quality. Given the complexity of the project, we will shorten the duration of the project depending on how many celebrity influencers we manage to hire”Ivošević pointed out. RELATED NEWS: “As the new destination portal was released online only on January 01.01, it will take a few more months for it to be optimized in all its parts. It is necessary to say that the creation of such a wide digital platform is an extremely complex job.”Ivošević concludes. Denis Ivošević, TZ Istra: The new website is designed and conceived in such a way that the user can access information or get inspired from top to bottom and vice versa.last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, May 9

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first_imgCalling Duci “gritty” was a complimentIn Steven Cook’s April 29 Daily Gazette article (City’s longest-serving mayor dies), I was quoted as using the adjective “gritty” to describe Frank and the people of Schenectady. Some readers might be unfamiliar with the definition of “gritty,” so please let me explain. The word sounds much different than what it means.“Gritty” is defined as “showing courage and resolve” or “tough and uncompromising.” Like John Wayne’s character, Rooster Cogburn, in the movie “True Grit,” Frank Duci also showed “true grit.” Frank grew up in the Depression and had to be tough and determined to get through those hard times, as his father died when Frank was just 12 years old. Frank often told me of the odd jobs he took to help his widowed mother, Nancy. Whether it was working those odd jobs, getting through school, serving in the U.S. Navy or representing the city he loved as a county legislator, city councilman or mayor, Frank demonstrated “courage and resolve,” the likes of which we rarely see. Later in life, on the political battlefields, Frank could appear “tough and uncompromising” as he fought for what he believed was best for the citizens of Schenectady, who, like him, worked hard to make a living and fought for our nation and its ideals. Frank’s determination and resolve, often against all odds, was a most admirable trait of members of our “Greatest Generation” who won a world war and transformed our nation. I hope readers understand that my use of the term “gritty” was meant as the highest form of compliment.Michael CuevasSchenectady Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionCuomo sides against New Yorkers in NRAI’m embarrassed to say I’m from New York, where Gov. Andrew Cuomo welcomes illegal immigrants, but thinks I (a lifelong resident) don’t belong here because I’m an NRA member.David DenisonGalway  Give Lyme disease attention it deservesThere seems to be an inordinate amount of attention lately in the media over the recent “outbreaks” or “epidemics” of measles in the United States.According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just over 700 cases of measles have been reported in the United States so far. Why is there such a created panic over measles, which is over in a couple days, and almost no concern over Lyme, which has expanded to all 50 states and is truly a real epidemic?James ShearGlenvillecenter_img Blame is being placed on unvaccinated Jewish Orthodox communities, and schools in many of these communities have been closed.When I look up the CDC statistics on fatalities for measles, I found that about one in 10,000 cases of measles results in a death, usually from complications from additional factors.That’s a fatality rate of 0.01 percent, one-hundredth of 1 percent. Compare that to the rampant spread of Lyme disease, which is getting virtually no media coverage.The CDC estimates about 300,000 cases of Lyme annually, numbers which actually may be greatly underreported.Lyme, once established in a patient, can have debilitating consequences for years. Treatment for Lyme is still almost non-existent. Try and find a doctor who will aggressively treat an embedded tick bite with 10 to 14 days of an antibiotic. They are very difficult to find, as most adhere to the CDC guidelines of one dose of doxycycline for a tick bite. More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?last_img read more

Shop specialist is LAP dancing to a bigger tune

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Divorce, harassment and organ donors: China to debate new civil code

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Divorce ‘cooling-off period’ A proposed — and controversial — rule to require a spouse suing their partner in court for a divorce to have a “30-day cooling-off period” could be scrapped, a top Chinese official said last week. Here is a look at key highlights of the proposed law: Topics : What’s missing? The draft code omits any reference to “family planning” — the current policy which limits couples to having only two children — although experts have cautioned that this does not mean decades of controversial family-planning rules will be scrapped.Legalizing same-sex marriage was among the top suggestions made by the Chinese public when lawmakers solicited opinions on how to amend the civil code last year. But the current draft still defines marriage as “a union between a man and a woman”.Separately, lawmakers are also working on a biosecurity law and a draft revision to the animal epidemic prevention law — key legislation in response to the coronavirus outbreak.China has already banned the sale of wildlife — except for medicinal purposes — after the virus was linked to consuming wild animals.These last two laws are still open for public comments until June 13, meaning they will not be ready for approval during the upcoming parliamentary session. Protection against land grabs In China, land can only be owned by the state or collective organizations. Private individuals or businesses can only buy the right to use land for up to 70 years.Local governments are allowed to expropriate land or revoke land-use rights for projects that serve the “public interest”, and have abused this power in the past.The new private property guidelines have narrowed the interpretation of “public interest” to prevent abusive land grabs.It also makes it mandatory for local governments to make public announcements on “all acts taken by the state in relation to private property”, thus making land transactions more transparent. The current draft of China’s civil code says all couples seeking a divorce must “deliberate on their decision” for a month.But this might be amended when China’s parliament meets next week, a spokesperson for the legislative affairs committee of the National People’s Congress told China Women’s Daily, after a massive public backlash against the rule.Several lawmakers have said the cooling-off periods shouldn’t apply to cases involving domestic violence, bigamy, marital rape or other rights violations.The waiting period would still apply to couples applying to dissolve their marriage through mutual consent.”Reckless divorces are an increasingly common phenomenon that’s not conducive to family stability,” the spokesperson said. Privacy protections The code could see China defining for the first time what privacy means for its 1.4 billion citizens. The current draft says private information counts as anything an individual is “not willing to be made known to other persons” and prohibits businesses, individuals — and even the government — from accessing such information without consent. But the current draft civil code leaves loopholes, according to Lester Ross, legal advisor to the American Chamber of Commerce in China and partner at law firm WilmerHale.It does not specifically list information such as an individual’s accounts and passwords, medical history, financial data, communications records, marital status or religion as personal information that needs to be protected.A more comprehensive privacy protection law is expected to be drafted within the next five years, Ross said. Sexual harassment, organ donations A few other key moves in the civil code include expanding the definition of “sexual harassment” to include being groped at the workplace or being assaulted by a teacher on campus — key demands from China’s scuttled #Metoo movement.The code also proposes allowing people to donate the organs of dead relatives. The move comes in response to a massive shortage of organ donors after China stopped the controversial practice of harvesting organs from prisoners.  Divorce, sexual harassment, organ donations, privacy: China’s sweeping first-ever civil code will be debated at its annual parliament meeting in Beijing this week.The rubber-stamp legislature rarely rejects bills, and this law has been in the works since 2017.If adopted, many laws currently regulating aspects of life in China from marriage to adoption will be completely or partially abolished and replaced by the new civil code. read more