Clothing franchisee three anti deception

Posted On Apr 30 2017 by

2012 years to come, the Spring Festival also began, people’s entrepreneurial passion began to burn, but there is a cavity of the blood is not, but also to maintain a calm mentality to prevent being cheated.

the first one: as a "dark hook"

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Do you have the conditions to open the ceiling store

Posted On Apr 28 2017 by

ceiling industry is now a good momentum of development, we have the intention to open the ceiling stores. Ceiling industry has a certain threshold, not everyone in line with the conditions of the ceiling. Open a ceiling to join what conditions? Let’s take a look.

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80 girls beauty nail business history

Posted On Apr 28 2017 by

nail in recent years is the rise of a new beauty services, compared to other beauty services, nail project to start a small capital, low cost by the love of female entrepreneurs. Small nail great achievement gains, now Manicure beauty franchise industry is very developed, many investors are wondering why Manicure beauty franchise industry to make money, the whole network Xiaobian to introduce you through a case.

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Bumpy entrepreneurial process laid off workers to the company manager

Posted On Apr 28 2017 by

female entrepreneurs may encounter a lot of twists and turns, and in the process of entrepreneurship in the invisible exercise of the extraordinary ability of women. A laid-off workers after several twists and turns, unremitting struggle in the business blue ocean, eventually became a company manager.

1995, she is a laid-off worker at sea; in 2006, she has become famous for pancake sister-in-law, won the national finance system of Shandong province labor model, Shandong province food system ten meritorious pacesetter, Shandong province 38, re employment of laid-off women’s federation leaders and the honorary title, in 2003 was elected as the glory the tenth Shandong Provincial People’s Congress — she is Li Huaizhen. read more

College Students’ entrepreneurial whimsy to final fruition

Posted On Apr 28 2017 by

the biggest advantage of college students is more time, more ideas, to seize the entrepreneurial market trends, the development of a different world. This is not yet graduated from college students to prove this point of action.

2005 in March, a college graduate has not spent 200 thousand in the city’s most prosperous lot occupied their place. The news came as a result of this is not calm in the university campus into a bomb, a time in the campus of Hebei University of Economics and Business, Yang Qingchun became a popular figure. read more

Circle of friends Wen Wen] Hu Xueyan said who have no umbrella rainy day

Posted On Apr 21 2017 by

early in the morning one day, Hu Xueyan was in the living room with a few large dispensers to discuss investment matters. When talking about the recent investment, Hu Xueyan look dignified. The shopkeeper has recently done a number of investment managers, how many people are profitable, but, some big dispensers earn little profit.

Hu Xueyan a lesson from some little profit in the investment in the shopkeeper, must analyze the market tells them the next investment, do not rush to invest.

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Chuansha new town Cup National ntelligence talent contest finals staged in Shanghai

Posted On Apr 21 2017 by

Shanghai as China’s innovation and entrepreneurship development to attract a lot of creative and entrepreneurial team. However, due to the pressure of entrepreneurship competition in Shanghai, the attractiveness of its surrounding areas of entrepreneurs began to improve.

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Rui Yu investment fish shop classic delicious hot business Business

Posted On Apr 20 2017 by

want to eat better, eat healthy, delicious to eat, to choose more than auspicious fish? As we continue to improve the requirements of food, healthy and delicious food, is our best choice. Rui Yu joined the fish? Shop is earned!

Rui Yu fish is the authentic folk delicacy, after 100 years of sedimentation and spread. It uses the Millennium pottery jar, is made of black pottery with thousand years of history and technology, light texture, uniformity, thermal conductivity and temperature of polymer is very prominent, the baked food crisp and tender, and ensure the water does not drain, taste better. read more

China electric vehicle charger ten brands list

Posted On Apr 20 2017 by

electric car, just as its name implies is the need to charge, so each electric car needs to configure a charger. The charger is good or bad, the maintenance of the battery for the electric car will naturally have no general influence, because of this, the electric car charger market will have so many brands. Here, Xiao Bian to recommend the Chinese electric car charger for the top ten brands, so as to give more electric vehicle owners a better choice.

is one of the big four electric car electric car charger, a charging device is designed for the electric bicycle battery configuration, the superior performance of the electric vehicle charging charger when the battery can be protected effectively, prevent excessive battery charging, maintenance of electric vehicles life fundamentally; and a charger, not only short service life. Easy to damage, and has no protective effect on cell. read more

Decoration selection lighting need to master several principles

Posted On Apr 20 2017 by

affected by the policy, the real estate market has heated up, decoration lighting needs further increase. For many decoration people, the choice of lighting is not an easy thing, due to the lack of understanding, do not know what kind of choice of lighting, there are several major principles need to master the decoration.

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Convenience stores to join the project which is better

Posted On Apr 20 2017 by

market, there are a lot of businesses want to invest in the supermarket, because the industry is relatively large impact on people’s daily lives, so the investment advantage is obvious. Convenience stores to join the project which is better? Xiaobian for everyone to list.

A, Hualian Supermarket

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Domino joined the western fast food make money

Posted On Apr 20 2017 by

very cultural brand to join the project, has been very hot. Moreover, we all know that fast food to join the project, has been very business opportunities. With the increasing pressure of our lives, the small business choose to join Domino western fast food? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship!

Domino, western fast food, bring super delicious delicacy food for consumers, Domino joined the western fast food money? This western restaurant is now the only break the traditional innovative western fast food culture of the western restaurant, Domino was named the Western fast-food fast-food brands with the highest cost-effective investment in 2010. The color design style of Yang culture, fried domino health and the young fashion eight yuan. read more

Seven seconds to make money Hot pot fish agent

Posted On Apr 18 2017 by

2017 years, entrepreneurial choice to join the hot pot project? The quality of delicacy to join the project choice for business with a small capital entrepreneur, undoubtedly, is also the very market development space choice. Seven seconds fish hot pot? Good taste, the best choice of the business with a small capital!

seven seconds to create "fish nutrition soup pot, the creation of the famous mountain recipe pointing and participate in the research and development of preparation, the ginseng, dangshen, Chinese wolfberry, jujube and other herbs stew pot, can directly drink the soup when. "Seven seconds fish" labeled green, nutritious, healthy label. With fresh, fragrant, tender, crisp as a feature, taste through the ages, North and south, and the food does not get angry, from the beauty, appetizers, spleen, and other effects of wisdom. read more

n 2016 ten Hot and Sour Rice Noodles investment brand recommended

Posted On Apr 18 2017 by

for just the past 2016, the year the food and beverage industry has undergone tremendous changes. The ups and downs of the creation of the restaurant brand, ups and downs like every one of us. Natural good brand is still emerging, the following is about to introduce the 2016 ten hot and sour powder investment brand.

2016 ten hot and sour powder to join the list recommended

a, Shu Wang hot and sour powder

Shu Wang hot and sour powder is Qingdao vision Service Management Co., Ltd. launched the brand. At present, the Vision Group in the country has 12 branches, the 9 largest logistics base, the country’s more than 1 thousand stores, its brand reputation has been widely recognized by the community. read more

Jamie Jenny’s choice to join a vast market

Posted On Apr 17 2017 by

good choice of entrepreneurial projects, we are the first step in the success of entrepreneurship. How about Jamie Jenny? In the children’s clothing market, not only has a high popularity, but also to join the Jamie Jenny children’s clothing items, or very hot item selection. So, to choose Jamie Jenny children’s clothing to join the project, into the children’s clothing market?

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China tea ten brands list the whole

Posted On Apr 17 2017 by

China is a tea producing country, there are numerous tea brands, has a very rich variety, so as to be able to give consumers a very good experience. Because of the different brands of tea market, the taste will be very different. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of Chinese tea, so you can have a better understanding of the brand in this market.

Chinese tea ten brands list, NO.1 Wuyishan: Dahongpao is produced in Fujian, known as " tea champion " reputation, Dahongpao tea for the millennium old trees, steep cliffs on the Kowloon nest only 4 lines, production scarce, as rare treasures. read more

The taste of life fashion lighting green living space a of good choice

Posted On Apr 17 2017 by

has a taste of life, always very attractive to consumers. How to taste life fashion lighting? Has always been a very attractive option in our lives. For those who want to join the business success of the venture, to join the taste of life fashion lighting projects, is a very taste of choice!

taste lifestyle fashion accessories to make money?

taste of life fashion lighting, taste life fashion lighting decoration industry continued to be popular, lighting industry ushered in an unprecedented burst of business opportunities! Lighting as the embodiment of family decoration style taste and taste of life become fashion lighting punchline, how heavy taste of home decoration in fashion lighting, but its effect is far greater than its function. The development potential of the taste of life fashion lighting huge realistic market, frequent updates, unlimited consumption, in the initial stage of the lighting market xuemaibizhang, everywhere was a wealth of gas read more

What is love ice cream all over the investment

Posted On Apr 17 2017 by

how about ice cream? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful business. In fact, the small business choose to join the love ice cream is still the project, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities. High quality entrepreneurial projects, small entrepreneurial choice to join the love is still ice cream project, is the right choice!

after you get a good idea of ice cream, you’ll know what brand it is. Love ice cream ice cream flagship series, a wide variety of flavors, a variety of ice cream, healthy green, it’s ice cream are low-fat, low sugar, nutrition and more healthy. In addition to the characteristics of ice cream, but also developed a lot of specialty desserts, always challenging the consumer taste buds. read more

Start a florist can choose which style of the decoration pattern to attract new customers

Posted On Apr 16 2017 by

In fact,

choose to open a flower shop, is a very choice for the development of the market space. So, business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to open their own brand shop, how decoration can attract new customers?

flower embellishment allows us to enjoy life more, for entrepreneurs, the flower is a good cause, how to decorate flower shop is we need to understand, let’s take a look at the shop decoration style have what it.


shop decoration effect of pastoral style should be the most common, beautiful flowers around the building, put some fine decoration into the design style, more clearly reflects the people’s pursuit of comfortable living atmosphere. Fresh natural pastoral style, bring us a quiet feeling. read more

The overall planning of the city of Beijing officially introduced

Posted On Apr 16 2017 by

the development of a city, it can not be separated from its planners, only to y mobilize the inclusiveness of a city, can give people a degree of acceptance of a city. The fourteen session of the thirty-sixth meeting of the standing committee listened to the Municipal People’s Government on the "Beijing city master plan (2016 – 2030) (Draft)" report and related specifications, the new general regulations of the draft is divided into six parts, including the adjustment of city space layout. read more