My business Rural electricity supplier one step away from the new experience

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will now be described as the electricity supplier market a round pizza, then this pizza has been all kinds of every hue shopping platform among the There is not much left. As we all know, the city often see busy shuttle in the crowd courier staff, their way to run away from the masses shopping tired and energy, for everyone to bring convenience. On the contrary, shopping in rural areas is far from the city. Rural roads so far because of the uneven distribution of the population is divided into the reasons for the region is not to be distributed, which is very close to the people of omission. read more

Wu Gang joined the auto electric business platform traditional car prices frequent loss of talent

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auto industry is entering a new normal, car market slowdown led to increased competition, as well as the rapid invasion of the Internet thinking, combined with multiple factors led to the frequent changes in the traditional car prices executives this year.

The general manager of

automobile group, former assistant to the president in the hippocampus car sales limited Wu Gang after the resignation of nearly 4 months, recently officially joined the global automotive group, any platform car electricity supplier’s my car "CEO post, also serves as senior vice president of global automotive group. Wu Gang in May 26th to accept the first Financial Daily reporters admitted that he did join the new company. read more

WeChat interface open what are the possibilities of electricity supplier applications

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[Reuters] news billion state power in January 13th, WeChat announced the opening of 11 JS-SDK interface, many WeChat third party developers began to "excited", have given WeChat’s move. And specific to the electricity supplier industry, the open interface can bring what? Feedback billion state power network integrated WeChat WeChat official and third party developers, sort out the following possibilities:

one, more based on WeChat webapp developers appear

Tencent this open js-sdk, the degree of openness allows third party developers to make a WeChat browser based version of WeChat, WeChat ecosystem for the construction of a big step out. For third party developers, abandon the native App, focus on doing a good job based on WeChat’s H5 webapp, is easier than ever, of course, this is what the Tencent want to see." A WeChat third party developers told billion state power network. Previously, there have been micro, praise WeChat developers based on appearance, but its mainly play the role of service providers, there are also some fully grown up electricity supplier WeChat or O2O project based on no official website, no App, but because the interface is limited, its implementation in some functions on a very roundabout, not directly to achieve. read more

Ali attacked a small seller to return to rational rational win

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Ali seems to be really angry, although this anger is inevitable in order to promote the sales of Tmall point of the suspects, but from a fair perspective, Ali, the launch of the prohibition of virtual product credit brush, speculation credit, selling fake products, infringement of intellectual property rights has become a focus of the market against Taobao for Ali perhaps, some omissions or wrong kill behavior exists in the process of blow, so by some small sellers, the formation of large-scale denounce Ali Cuosha behavior, in this sense, a home seems to stand in a weak position, but inevitably Cuosha could be the thorough and fair become difficult, perhaps this is the ultimate goal of small sellers, that is to let Taobao blocked for speculation credit behavior can become The. read more

Jingdong online flash purchase channel red for the brand clear inventory

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NetEase Francisco January 8th news, Jingdong officially launched the brand sale channel, Jingdong flash purchase "red", the independent two level domain name:

Jingdong "red" can meet the brands in the Jingdong on the platform from the new demand to comprehensive inventory clearance. Each participating in the red brand goods display time three days, every day at 10 points on the new, and all use Jingdong self storage and distribution services.

The person in charge of the "red" project of read more

Jingdong can not afford the price war publishers threatened to shut shop

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in today’s double 11 Shopping Festival, the major electricity supplier platform between you for me to grab is a good thing. This competition in addition to face the benign competition, there are insiders told reporters in the price war Jingdong due to weak competition, even threat publishers shut shop.

from the Jingdong executives Sun Jing news release said: "from the beginning of 9, XX 0, 1-4.9% cap, seriously disturbed the market order! Hope we can work together to maintain a healthy price, stop the XX inverse of price behavior. We all know that this inverse price behavior, in the end is to let the people who are cheap, is the end of the reader, or small bookstore channels! We self-examination, 16 points before the withdrawal of the activities, and give XX punitive measures. XX cannot change the policy must now immediately sign an agreement to the Jingdong in December 5 to 60% off days, price and sales mode of sales promotion letters, to do the promotion of Maori Jingdong protection! Neither stop nor XX to the Jingdong for the product, will be sold in 11 days 0 sales peak shield. read more

The battle intensified Gome settled Tmall spoiler

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this month battle by four, each extraordinary move at the top spot in sales.

yesterday, Tmall announced a strategic cooperation with Gome, Gome in all Tmall, will continue to open 5 stores including Gome online official flagship store in Tmall Electric City, the two sides will also post in the supply chain system, the depth of cooperation.

As of

yesterday, Jingdong, Yi Xun, Gome, Suning, Dangdang, where customers, announced to participate in this century "melee". The United States announced an alliance with Tmall, is carrying a pond, or the silent war, is still unknown. read more

ndustry reshuffle unfinished electricity supplier price war will continue

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2012 is the electricity supplier price war is the most brutal year, while another round of price war also exposed some problems, consumers of electricity supplier price war is a question, the relevant departments that will regulate the electricity supplier price war in 2013, the United States began the "reflection" of price war, but there is a price the butcher said the Jingdong is that the electricity supplier price war has come to an end. It seems there are signs that this year the electricity supplier price war will continue, and in fact, this year, the electricity supplier price war has triggered at any moment. read more

Several electronic shopping website personal comparison evaluation

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domestic e-commerce has been through these years of development. In the meantime, China’s Internet industry has experienced from the climax to the trough, but also from the trough by the climax of the process, to this day, China’s e-commerce shopping site in the face of the financial crisis, will come out of what kind of steady road.

first we talk about where the customer, Jingdong, Dangdang, excellence, personal experience in logistics, Newegg and so different.

1, Eslite is a professional clothing website, in the earlier, where the customer is free shipping. It seems for home delivery and cash on delivery, the quality of clothes that’s a matter of opinion, my feeling is not very suitable for young people to wear clothes are some formal clothes, kind or a little less, at the same time, we feel a sense of how to make money, in addition to the single. The freight has been difficult to make money, then free shipping policy changed to over 200 yuan to buy things for freight, due to the small amount plus freight can not feel the convenience of online shopping, and give up to buy clothes from the Internet; from the beginning of June 29th, only 30 yuan can be enough to free shipping, 30 yuan is easy to achieve, look, good style clothes, after the above still buy a few pieces of clothes, believe that good quality. read more

Amazon France found that new lucrative commodities 430 thousand overweight campus market

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June 21st news, following the introduction of food, games mall, Amason (France) recently opened a new channel. The channel specializing in the sale of books, bags, desks and chairs and other school supplies, the current mall offers 14 categories of goods 43000.

Amazon said, September for the school season, parents tend to buy a large number of school supplies before and after school, the formation of seasonal consumption. For the purchase of time is more concentrated, consumers may face out of stock, queuing situation, based on the above point of pain, we have decided to open a shop." read more

How traditional weapon enterprises to enter the field of electronic commerce

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online marketing, e-commerce has become a big trend, this trend will become the mainstream of the economic life of our country, any enterprise marketing direction slowly began to adjust their own marketing channels, mainly from the traditional to the line, and slowly turned to traditional network camp combining planar media, mainly for network publicity the plane, and auxiliary stereo TV propaganda system. Whether you are a large enterprise, or medium-sized enterprises, if not catch the electronic commerce of the tail, the future, you will be the market ruthlessly eliminated, so that we can see like Gome, Suning, TCL, BELLE and other traditional giants to establish their own electronic commerce department, electronic commerce market network marketing. For many small and medium enterprises to establish business tradition, easy, but really how to operate, he with the original line channels how to deal with, how he relationship with the original suppliers, the price below the line and the line price and how to deal with a lot of questions and so on in front, let many enterprises retreat deterred, reluctant to enter the market. read more

Webmaster discussion Wangzhuan must have execution

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Wangzhuan is actually a manifestation of our business activities in reality, why? Because the Internet is ultimately composed of. Here to discuss with you about the golden Wangzhuan Wangzhuan the execution! You might say, what is the relationship with Wangzhuan execution? In fact, big, successful in any career should be carried out, then a good idea told you, you do not earn money is still a beginner! The first to talk about my understanding, the friend of Wangzhuan for a long time, the forum did little to no less read reviews, he like many Wangzhuan novice, hope to find a suitable own Wangzhuan project, hope you make a lot of money. Because the friend has not found work at home, so he treats Wangzhuan attitude very anxious, a very urgent mentality in do Wangzhuan, people in a hurry to chaos, so he earns more and more chaotic, confused about what to do, how to do it? I told him to share wrong number of projects, say he knows, but just watching, never to act, "I think, I always thought". read more

Three suggestions for the GGAD’s early readers

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A, GGAD and web integration.

* ad position. You can figure out what the majority of users habits, slide the mouse wheel to pull the drop-down cursor position in the below is easily click. read more

The third party payment license issued by the enterprise or after the list has been confirmed

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industry expect the first batch of "third party payment license was not announced on Friday issued, but according to sources, the first batch of the list of the third party payment license of the enterprise has been determined, but the central bank issued a formal license is likely to be after the spring festival.

recent meeting of the central bank also revealed that to strengthen and improve the supervision and management of non-financial institutions payment services, is one of the focus of this year’s work. read more

Discussion on new mode of software sales

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engaged in the software industry for so many years, a lot of software sales. In today’s society of software piracy jumbly, cracked version, emerge in an endless stream. Serious disruption of the normal software market and service atmosphere. This has led to customers in the selection of various errors. There are a number of layers of software sales channels to increase the amount of sales agents do not increase the amount of sales. Is to allow customers to buy on the software took several times and the cost of software development. In fact, this is also obvious to everyone. Know. And that is what measures? To make money have open channels, expand the business market. Or individual combat. It is difficult to get a cake in the rapid development of information era. Is it possible to break the conventional sales behavior?. The thinking mode of software direct selling network is worth studying and discussing. read more

Taobao said in early May to combat fake more than 9 pieces

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May 25th afternoon news, Taobao today announced in early May to combat fake numbers, a total of 9 counterfeit clean up platform. 1 May – 15, and brand manufacturers collaborative crackdown 155 times, more than 4 thousand sellers punished for selling.

said the fake, in early May, BELLE group and collaborative most closely, through reporting, forensics, identification, collaborative platform on the total destroyed more than 6 pieces of fake BELLE. Followed by the French fashion giant Chanel, Taobao collaboration with the emergence of the network platform to destroy the fake more than 3 thousand. At the same time, the Danish famous clothing brand clothing Ling also teamed up with Taobao more than 2 thousand destroyed fake items. In addition to Sony Ericsson, apple, Joyoung and other brands have joined together with Taobao counterfeiting ranks. read more

The first group purchase website operators China Telecom Tianyi group on the line

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group as a new e-commerce model, in 2010 caused a wave. Recently, as the country’s first launch by the operator of the group buying site – Tianyi group quietly on the line, the main content of the purchase of telecommunications products, currently only open to the Beijing area.

Tianyi group operated by China Telecom Beijing branch. In December 28th, Dumbo by China Telecom Tianyi Group official website was informed that, as of now, Tianyi group held a total of four times and two group purchase group purchase activities underway. The main content of the China Telecom to buy its products, all for Telecom Tianyi users. read more

Electricity supplier in the cause of the failure of marketing

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this electricity supplier industry continues to grow, certainly not all the electricity supplier can be Everything is going smoothly., fight at outrance electricity supplier battlefield has become a common thing, so why some electricity providers can grow, and some are very thoroughly defeated? Here’s why I from the marketing aspects of failure.

1, do not understand customer needs, and blindly say their selling point

there is a saying in China called the people who have the world, and the sale is actually dealing with people, first understand the needs of customers in order to better grasp their own how to do. Many sellers only customers had to sell their products, all the advantages are that the electricity supplier marketing and in fact as if it were raining flowers, the reality of doing business is the same, should first ask what is the real needs of customers, according to customer needs the right products, which can reduce the customer’s time to make the sale. In fact, in marketing, the demand is a course to learn, but also is very important, only find out what they want, we can know what I should give him, or blindly sell will only scare customers. read more

Tmall international founder sea pack in B2B2C mode to catch the three or four line of the city of ma

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when Ali does not emphasize GMV growth in earnings (2016Q4 Taobao growth of 18%), the old electricity supplier has indeed entered a slowdown in the cycle. At the same time, look at how many UNIQLO purchasing Taobao, it is not difficult to understand the three or four line of the city to the brand from the explosion of "consumption" supply and demand is exuberant, more than the lack of.

This year, 2 trillion

and maternal growth rate of 30% of the market, a second tier city accounted for only 30%, supermarket share fell, the low rate of the chain is also a common phenomenon, the following three lines of small and medium-sized city maternal stores occupy the market 70%. In addition, female consumers need staff advice in the purchase of baby products, the purchase behavior is often associated with children’s hair, bathing and other services so concurrent, line market accounted for 85%, it is difficult to penetrate the electricity supplier. read more

Jingdong and Tmall racing even the nuanced letter trying to take advantage of mobile terminal overta

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[Abstract] in the first quarter of, Tmall’s performance fell 10%, compared with the same period in, the chain was up. From the past two years, the trend, Tmall and Jingdong sales chain trend is surprisingly similar.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on May 22nd

Jingdong (NASDAQ: JD) today announced its initial public offering of 93685620 shares of American Depositary Shares (ADS) priced at $19 per share, this calculation, the valuation of the Jingdong has reached $26 billion.

Jingdong, the IPO is expected to raise a total of $1 billion 780 million, assuming no exercise of the underwriters to purchase additional ADSS options, the end of the transaction to raise $1 billion 310 million, the Jingdong will be through private financing while the initial public offering price to the Tencent issued 138014720 shares of class a ordinary shares to raise $1 billion 310 million. read more