Fran Sol: “2019 has been a very hard year for me”

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first_img2019 was not the best year in the football career of Fran Sol (Madrid, 1992). After two and a half seasons in Willem II, with which he scored 47 goals in 88 games, the Spanish striker from Madrid set course for Dinamo Kiev, where an injury slowed his progression. Used to seeing the goal regularly, Fran Sol chains almost a year without scoring, but that has not diminished his claims. “I came through the big door and I want to go through the big door,” he confesses.It has been a year since he left Willem II. Did you live there the best moment of your career?Undoubtedly. The stage in Willem II is my best memory as a footballer. It is where I started to feel professional player. I felt a star, I noticed that I was highly valued by the fans and the cub. In Tilburg I felt unforgettably well. It is a stage that I will always remember.They don’t forget him there either. The fans chose him second best player of the time.Those little things make me very happy. I am proud that they remember me and that they have chosen me as the second best player of the decade even though I was only there for two and a half years. It is clear that the first was not going to be because that is Jordens Peters, who is the captain and has been many years. Worse being after him fills me with pride and gives me much encouragement to return to the state so I lived there.How complicated is wanting to leave a club you appreciate?It’s complicated because you have the love factor and attachment to the club. It costs you more the decision to leave. As soccer players we are very selfish and we don’t think about the fans or the club or anyone else. We think of ourselves and our short career. In what is best for us and our families. You may think that it is wrong and I am clear that if I were an amateur I would not share this idea. But being a footballer I have to think like that. Our career is short. But yes, it is clear that when you love a club, leaving is much more complicated.Now the same thing happens to Pol Llonch, which sounds for Girona.Pol Llonch is a professional like a pine tree’s crown. It’s a phenomenon, everything you have outside the field, solidarity, generosity, kindness … transmits it inside. He is huge with his teammates, with his friends, with his family … The work he does, the kilometers he runs each game, the sprint he makes, the steals, the duels he wins … He is one of the players with the best defensive statistics that I have found in my career. If Girona or even another club better hires it would be a success. They would not be wrong at all.Then a forward especially thanks his work.Totally. Pol really is an oxygen bottle for everyone. Being a forward I don’t have to do so much work when he is in the field. And that favors that when they give me the ball I am much cooler to score or attend. The effort that Pol saves you shows a lot.Personally, how are you after a year when things didn’t end?Good, good now. It is clear that 2019 has not been the best year of my life. You have to be honest. But thanks to these bad times you learn to value the good ones. It was my turn to be injured. I annoyed my shoulder and then relapsed from another injury that I had in the quadriceps. In general it has been a very bad year, all I can do now is work and try to return to my rightful place.The shoulder injury slowed him down a lot. He arrived at a very bad time.Totally. It is that if I had to choose a time when it was worse for me to be injured, it was that. I was making great progress. I was doing very well in football, scoring many goals for a long time, and those four months cut my progress a lot. But they are things that happen in football. You have to accept them and move on.What do you ask 2020? The idea is to return to the physical state I had before the injury. What I want is to start and play all the games, but we have just started the preseason, so far we have not played any games, and until the beginning of March it will not be seen if I have returned to my best version. For now it is soon, but it is true that everything is going well.It was easy to get used to the good.Of course, in the last four years I have done very well in football and have enjoyed this sport a lot. I’ve also had bumps, but they have been smaller. 2019 has been very hard for me. I have been very far from my family, very cold, to a country where I had to start from scratch … Then the injury came, an operation in Ukraine, where you don’t know the language … That’s why I ask 2020 to be able to better match the competition and the team and that allows me to enjoy football again, something that I couldn’t do last year.How has it been a year without celebrating goals?Well it’s hard. The normal thing for most soccer players is not to score goals, but when you get used to doing them, it is very difficult to lose that feeling of putting the ball inside the goal. I had been doing more than one goal every two games for years, the average is great, and not doing them is being very complicated for me. You get into a bump, you lose confidence … But hey, it’s a learning. I am learning to handle the situation and be able to reverse it in case it happens again.Is it being difficult to adapt to Ukraine?The change from Holland to Ukraine has been very great. At first it went well because I arrived in preseason and that helped me to make friends and get to know the teammates well without the pressure of having to compete. But being injured took me away from the locker room and when I returned I was not as conditioned as at the beginning. And that was noticed in my performance. It’s a shame, but what are we going to do …Have you ever regretted going to Ukraine?No, much less. I have always thought that I chose well. I came through the big door and what I want is to go through the big door. Or fulfilling my contract and leaving everyone satisfied or after a club pays for me because I have done very well in Dinamo. In those two cases we would be happy both the club and me. So far I have not done well, but I do not regret anything and I will fight for everything to be positive from now on.What are the goals of Dynamo Kiev this season?Our goal, like every year, is to get into the Champions League and win the championship. Then the Cup and, of course, the Super Cup. We aspire to everything. We are Dinamo Kiev, historically the best club in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the last few years have been difficult for us, but we plan to return and we are working for it. This season we are very far from Shakhtar and it is very difficult to aspire to the championship. That is why we have to go for the Cup and get into August in the group stage of the Champions League.Although he did not play, he was able to celebrate a title last season.Effectively. Although I did not play due to injury I was very happy to be able to celebrate a title as a professional footballer. There are many, thousands of players, who have never been able to celebrate one. And there are thousands who will never celebrate even if they are good professionals. I am very grateful to Dinamo for giving me that opportunity. I didn’t play because I relapsed from my thigh injury, but I enjoyed it as the most.Are you enjoying your child? Will Fran Jr. follow in his footsteps?Very much. It goes very well and is a crack. Do what you want, but I would be very proud if I were a great professional. Whatever sport it is. Because if you give everything, nobody can ask you anything else, and that is the motto that I am going to try to teach you. If he is a tennis player, for example, and reaches his limit but he has given everything to me that will be a triumph. At the moment it has a football player’s name. Sol Jr. is a good name.last_img

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