Japan finds H5 virus in swans; India, Vietnam cite outbreaks

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first_imgApr 28, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – Animal health officials in Japan were awaiting final tests on four wild swans that recently tested positive for an H5 strain of avian influenza, as authorities in Vietnam and India’s Tripura state moved to quash new outbreaks caused by the highly pathogenic H5N1 virus.Three of the swans were found dead on the shores of Lake Towada in Akita prefecture, in northern Japan, on Apr 21, officials said in a news release, according to a report today from Reuters. The swans were found and tested during heightened surveillance prompted by several outbreaks in South Korea, Japan’s neighbor to the southwest.Authorities have not found any mass bird deaths nearby and said there were no chicken farms within 10 kilometers of the area, Reuters reported.Japan’s last reported H5N1 outbreaks occurred in early 2007, when the virus struck farms in four towns in the southern part of the country and killed a hawk eagle near Kumamoto prefecture, according to reports from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).Elsewhere, veterinary officials in India said on Apr 26 that samples from more birds in Tripura state had tested positive for the H5N1 virus, pushing to three the number of areas hit in the state in the past 2 weeks, the Times of India reported on Apr 26.Asim Roy Barman, state animal resources department director, told the Times that the two earlier outbreak sites were within 4 kilometers of the border with Bangladesh, which has had extensive H5N1 outbreaks over the past several months. However, he said the latest outbreak was a surprise to officials because it is 50 kilometers from the Bangladesh border.In early April, Tripura became the second Indian state to report H5N1 outbreaks this year. Nearly all of Tripura state, located in the far northeastern section of India, borders eastern Bangladesh.In other developments, animal health officials in Vietnam said the H5N1 virus has been detected in another province, Son La in the northern part of the country, the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported today.The report said Vietnam’s Department of Animal Health told a local newspaper that the outbreak occurred among chickens and ducks in a backyard poultry flock. Provincial authorities have isolated the site and disinfected the farm to prevent the spread of the virus, according to the report.The animal health department, according to Xinhua, said two other locations in Vietnam are also battling the H5N1 virus: Tien Giang province in the south and Can Tho, an independent municipality that is the largest city in the Mekong Delta.See also:OIE reports on Japanese outbreakshttp://www.oie.int/downld/AVIAN%20INFLUENZA/A2007_AI.php#last_img read more

Golden Orange 2019 – The best examples of rural tourism in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County

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first_imgIt is a continuation of the project which aims to encourage and emphasize the importance of a quality approach in the management of family farms in the service of rural tourism. All business entities engaged in some form of rural tourism are invited to contact their cities, municipalities or tourist boards of the place to which they belong and together with them fill out the application and collect supporting documentation for this tender. The application to the organizer is submitted by the local self-government unit or the local tourist board, which can also nominate candidates who they think can compete for the award, the DUNEA Regional Agency points out. Cover photo: Villa Cypress, Ethno Art Village Podcempres The best will be chosen by the judging panel in two rounds of selection – in the first, up to 15 finalists will be selected on the basis of applications and required documentation, from which the winners will then be selected by field testing. The Dubrovnik-Neretva County and the DUNEA Regional Agency are once again organizing the “GOLDEN ORANGE” – a selection of the best examples of rural tourism in our County. Side dish: APPLICATION / GOLDEN ORANGE – the best examples of rural tourism in Dubrovnik-Neretva County The call is open from to April 17, 2019. We are a little late with the announcement, but you still have time to apply. More information about the application can be found in the attachment.last_img read more

Congress is on the offensive against disabled Americans

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first_imgCategories: Editorial, OpinionOn May 28, 1988, Lisa Carl went to her local movie theater, something millions of Americans can do with ease and comfort.Yet when Lisa tried to go into the theater, the manager refused her ticket, denying her entry because Lisa had cerebral palsy and used a wheelchair.When an advocate called the theater owner about the incident, the manager coldly stated, “I don’t want her in here, and I don’t have to let her in.” Lisa later testified before Congress, “I was not crying on the outside, but I was crying on the inside. I just wanted to watch the movie like everyone else.”While the cruelty is heartbreaking, the true outrage was that in 1988, the law actually sided with the theater owner, who was free to legally discriminate against Lisa and deny her access to a public theater because she was born with a disability.  Fortunately, millions of Americans with disabilities and their families refused to accept this discrimination.They shared their stories and pushed and prodded a bipartisan coalition of legislators to end decades of legally sanctioned discrimination through passage of the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. At the signing ceremony, President George H.W. Bush noted that before the ADA, “tragically, for too many Americans, the blessings of liberty have been limited or even denied.The Civil Rights Act of ‘64 took a bold step towards righting that wrong.But the stark fact remained that people with disabilities were still victims of segregation and discrimination, and this was intolerable.”Bush declared, “Let the shameful wall of exclusion finally come tumbling down.” Decades later, the forces of discrimination are working hard to rebuild that wall. Businesses have had 27 years to comply with the ADA public-access protections.Yet rather than investing time and energy to achieve this goal, they are waging a propaganda campaign to convince Congress that their own lack of accessibility isn’t the problem — so-called drive-by lawsuits are.Notably, supporters of the ADA Education and Reform Act often do not dispute that they are violating the law.Rather, they simply resent being sued for what they believe are “minor” ADA infractions. Ever since I lost my legs when an RPG tore through the cockpit of the Black Hawk helicopter I was flying over Iraq, getting around has been difficult. I can’t always enter restaurants or other public spaces.I have to spend a lot of time planning how to get from one place to the next. An incline that is a few degrees too steep or an entrance that is a few inches off the ground can determine whether I am able to access an area without assistance.Being unable to independently enter a movie theater, store, hotel or restaurant is not only humiliating, it limits the freedom to pursue certain jobs, to access necessary services and to enjoy basic conveniences that most Americans don’t think twice about.  Led by the hospitality and retail industries, special interests want to shift the burden of ADA compliance away from business owners and onto individuals with disabilities.They’re backing a bill that has already passed the House Judiciary Committee, the so-called ADA Education and Reform Act, which would reward businesses that fail to comply with the law.The bill would allow businesses to wait until they are notified of their failure to meet legal obligations before they even have to start removing barriers that prevent Americans with disabilities from leading independent lives. This offensive legislation would segregate the disability community, making it the only protected class under civil rights law that must rely on “education” — rather than strong enforcement — to guarantee access to public spaces.As the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities Rights Task Force and other civil rights organizations wrote in opposing this bill, “We know of no other law that outlaws discrimination but permits entities to discriminate with impunity until victims experience that discrimination and educate the entities perpetrating it about their obligations not to discriminate.”For decades, from enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 through passage of the ADA, Congress has worked to enshrine the principle in law that no American should be denied access to a public space because of who they are, be it their race, nationality, religion, gender or disability.The ADA Education and Reform Act betrays this bipartisan legacy.  I understand that not everyone thinks about these things because, for most of my adult life, I didn’t either.But the truth is that everyone, whether they realize it or not, is just one bad day away from needing accessible options to help them get around their community.While I understand people might not think of some ADA violations as significant at first glance, I can assure you they are more significant for those of us with disabilities than you know.If Congress passed this misguided legislation, it would send a disgraceful message to Americans with disabilities that their civil rights are not worthy of strong enforcement.It is not too late to defeat this dangerous legislation and keep every American living with a disability from becoming a second-class citizen.U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth is a Democrat representing Illinois.More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homeslast_img read more

From zero to hero: Italy’s Chinese help beat coronavirus

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first_img“We Italians feared that the Chinese of Prato were to be the problem. Instead, they did much better than us,” said Renzo Berti, top state health official for the area, which includes Florence.”Among Chinese resident in Prato there isn’t even one case of COVID contagion,” he said, referring to COVID-19, which has killed almost 12,000 people in Italy, more than in any other country.Ethnic Chinese make up about a quarter of Prato’s population, but Berti credits them with bringing down the entire town’s infection rate to almost half the Italian average — 62 cases per 100,000 inhabitants versus 115 for the country.Prato’s Chinese community, built originally around the textile industry, went into lockdown from the end of January, three weeks before Italy’s first recorded infection. Many were returning from new year holidays in China, the then epicenter.They knew what was coming and spread the word: stay home.So as Italians headed to the ski slopes and crowded into cafes and bars as normal, the Chinese inhabitants of Prato had seemingly disappeared. Its streets, still festooned with Chinese New Year decorations, were semi-deserted, shops shuttered.There is some anecdotal evidence that Chinese people elsewhere in Italy took similar precautions, though national data on infection rates among the community is unavailable. The health ministry did not respond to an email seeking comment.Milan restaurateur Francesco Wu, a representative of Italian business lobby Confcommercio, said he urged Italian counterparts in February to shut down their businesses, as he had done.”Most of them looked at me like a Cassandra,” he said. “No one could believe it was happening here … Now Troy is burning and we are all locked inside.”‘Italian friends looked at me oddly’When Chinese-born businessman Luca Zhou flew home from China on Feb. 4 to rejoin his wife and 28-year-old son in Prato, he put himself straight into quarantine in his bedroom for 14 days, separated from his wife and son.”We had seen what was happening in China and we were afraid for ourselves, our families and our friends,” said the 56-year-old, who has a business exporting Italian wine to China.After emerging from his self-quarantine, he ventured outside in mask and gloves. He said the few other Chinese on the streets also wore them, anxious not to spread the virus to others.”My Italian friends looked at me oddly. I tried many times to explain to them that they should wear them … but they didn’t understand,” Luca said.”When I came back to Prato, no Italian authority told me anything. We did it all by ourselves. If we had not done it, we would all be infected, Chinese and Italians.”Italy was one of the first nations to cut air links with China, on Jan. 31, though many of its Chinese residents found their way home via third countries. On Feb. 8, almost a month before closing all schools, it offered students returning from holidays in China the right to stop attending classes.”In Prato, there was a boom in take-up,” said local health director Berti, saying families had been obliged to contact his authority if they wanted to pursue this option. It was then that he began to realize how differently the Chinese were behaving.More than 360 families, or around 1,300 people, registered as having put themselves into self-isolation and also signed up to his authority’s health surveillance scheme, which monitored symptoms remotely and communicated with them in Chinese.As Italian infections began to take off in late February and early March, some families, many of whom retain Chinese citizenship, even began sending children to relatives in China, alarmed at the attitude and behavior of Italians around them.Another who went into self-isolation after returning home from China was 23-year-old university student Chiara Zheng.”I was conscious of the gravity of the situation. I felt a duty to do it for other people and those close to me.” Topics :center_img In the storm of infection and death sweeping Italy, one big community stands out to health officials as remarkably unscathed — the 50,000 ethnic Chinese who live in the town of Prato.Two months ago, the country’s Chinese residents were the target of what Amnesty International described as shameful discrimination, the butt of insults and violent attack by people who feared they would spread the coronavirus through Italy.But in the Tuscan town of Prato, home to Italy’s biggest single Chinese community, the opposite has been true. Once scapegoats, they are now held up by authorities as a model for early, strict adoption of infection-control measures.last_img read more

Sunshine Coast waterfront development could be a ‘retirement bolt hole’

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first_imgJewel Residences on Birtinya Island, is a new Sunshine Coast development.A new development on the Sunshine Coast is attracting owner-occupiers wanting a home in a top location.Lake Kawana’s winding waterways are attracting buyers to Jewel Residences, a project by Steve Hopes of Constructions 161. Jewel Residences on Birtinya Island. House values could fall after record drop in confidence MORE QLD REAL ESTATE NEWS: The new Sunshine Coast development is a hit with owner-occupiers.With six as part of the development, Mr Walker said all but five of the apartments had two car spaces, which was rare, while some of the six penthouses had three car parks of about 200sq m making them “quite special”. The average price for a three-bedroom two-bathroom penthouse with a media room is $1.25 million. Residents will have access to a swimming pool, sun deck, barbecue area and on-site gym. Inside Jewel Residences.Place Projects director Syd Walker said the building featured four symmetrical wings with luxurious living spaces and private lift access.Mr Walker said apartments with north and northeast aspects were available, with each one having coveted water views.“It has the perfect aspect for all buyers. There isn’t a bad aspect in the building.” He said the location of Jewel Residences was a drawcard to buyers. More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus9 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market9 hours ago“It’s close to a supermarket and hospital so is perfect for downsizers heading towards retirement, or it could be a retirement bolt hole,” Mr Walker said.He said 18 of the 106 apartments, which are priced from $490,000, had sold, with the first group of buyers coming from regional Victoria and Townsville. There had also been inquiries from Toowoomba. Tenants set to gain all the powerlast_img read more

Tunisia’s Anti-Terrorism Bill to Give More Powers to Security Forces

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first_imgThe Tunisia parliament is debating a new anti-terrorism bill. If passed it will give more powers to security forces to fight armed groups. Youssef Gaigi reports from Tunislast_img

Raiders Boys Middle School Basketball Results

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first_imgSouth Dearborn at South Ripley-Thursday, December 1.Grade 7-South Dearborn 33, South Ripley 30Despite leading at halftime, the host Raiders suffered a 33-30 loss to the South Dearborn Knights. The game came down to the final seconds, with South Ripley attempting a 3 pointer at the buzzer to send the game into overtime, but came up just short in an exciting back and forth contest. Zach Gentile did all he could do in scoring 19 points to go along with several steals; Dalton Smith and Bryce Wrightsman each added 4; Luke Cranfill scored 2, and Nick Schwarte had one point.Grade 8-South Ripley 46, South Dearborn 36After being outplayed for 3 quarters, the Raiders put together an unlikely 4th quarter comeback in a 46-36 victory. The visiting Knights seemed to have the game in control, never trailing in the game and taking a 32-27 lead into the final period. However, the Raider defense stiffened, allowed only 4 points in that final quarter and scoring 19 points themselves, including 11 of 13 from the foul line. Lane Sparks persevered through a tough shooting night to score a game high 21 points (11 of 11 free throws); Cody Samples added 12 points with several steals; Brady Linkel continued his stellar play with 7 points and 7 rebounds; Bryce Franklin contributed 3 points and a team high 8 rebounds; Jacob Jines chipped in 2 and Kaden Rinear added one point. The team made 16 out of 19 free throws while South Dearborn made only one out of four attempts.The seventh graders stand at 3-6 with the eighth graders now 8-1. The Raiders host the Greensburg Pirates on Saturday, with the seventh grade game starting at 10:00 am.Courtesy of Raiders Coach Jeff Greiwe.last_img read more

Hughton stays calm amid poor run

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first_imgChris Hughton is not about to hit the panic button as he looks to drag Norwich away from the Barclays Premier League relegation zone. Press Association The Canaries are seeking a response to last weekend’s 7-0 humiliation at Manchester City when West Ham come to Carrow Road for Saturday’s late kick-off. Although Norwich have lost six of their opening 10 Barclays Premier League matches and sit in 18th place, they are only four points off 12th and victory would move them above the Irons. Having lost to both Chelsea and Arsenal, as well as Manchester United in the Capital One Cup, before being taken apart by Manuel Pellegrini’s big-money squad, Norwich now enter a run of fixtures from which they would expect a positive return to start moving up the table. Hughton – who kept Norwich up last season after being appointed successor to Paul Lambert – may be short odds to become the next Premier League manager to be sacked, but remains calm about the situation. “There is no need to set the alarm bells ringing,” he said. “If we win on Saturday we go above West Ham and it changes the perceptions a little bit. “What we can’t do is look at the negatives. For me, they are in the past. “We made sure we closed down last week’s game as quickly as we could.” Hughton retains the backing of the boardroom – although it was only a few weeks ago chairman Alan Bowkett warned expectation was of a top-10 finish following an unprecedented summer investment of some £25million by the Norfolk club. “I am convinced I will get the time to turn it around,” Hughton said. “We are possibly one or two results from being in a half decent position in the league, so it is not as if we are bottom and cut adrift. “That, of course, doesn’t make the feeling any better and we don’t want to be in the bottom three, but we have everybody pushing in the right direction.” Hughton added: “I speak to the chief executive and the board on a regular basis and there isn’t anyone at this football club who doesn’t want us to make progress. “Everybody is hurting right now – not just me and the players, but the board and the fans. We all want the same things.” Norwich will again be without record-signing Ricky van Wollfswinkel because of the Holland forward’s foot injury, but should have Scotland winger Robert Snodgrass available again following concussion. Hughton believes patience will be key to progress. “Yes, possibly there will be times during the game when it might be difficult to break down a side like West Ham, who have been defensively very good, and that is when we might need a little bit of patience – that applies to the team as much as the supporters,” he said. “We can’t be throwing players forward at will, we have to get things right tactically so that might mean there are periods or lulls in the game which might lead to some frustrations. “All I can say is I know our support have been right behind us this season and that will not change this weekend – we will need them again.” last_img read more

United win battle with Burnley

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first_img United fans applauded Michael Keane as his name was read out from the Burnley team-sheet, but the centre-back almost scored against his old club after just two minutes. Scott Arfield’s corner cleared a number of United bodies in the box, but Keane’s effort flew wide. United heeded the warning. The man who jumped ahead of Keane in the pecking order at United, McNair, almost celebrated his new contract with a maiden goal but Tom Heaton awkwardly palmed his shot wide. Just before Rooney took the corner Smalling came on for Phil Jones and 22 seconds later he headed United ahead. From Rooney’s corner, Radamel Falcao knocked Van Persie’s flick-on back across the box and Smalling headed home. The United fans hoping their team would go on to establish a comprehensive lead were to be disappointed. The hosts’ lead lasted just six minutes. Di Maria gave the ball away and Kieran Trippier took advantage, swinging in a cross to the back post where Ings headed in superbly after drifting away from Smalling. Burnley upped the pressure and would have taken the lead had De Gea not saved Ings’ low shot with his feet. Ashley Barnes cracked a low curling shot just wide. Evans hoofed the ball up in the air inside his own box moments later. United were rattled. Whatever they tried in attack – whether it be long passes, short passes or medium-sized ones – it did not work. Burnley, promoted to the top-flight on a shoestring, were upstaging Van Gaal’s expensively-assembled team. Michael Kightly even nutmegged Rooney. Van Gaal then took the bizarre decision to drop Rooney, the club’s third-highest goal scorer of all-time, back to the base of the diamond when Blind came off through injury and was replaced by Herrera. Smalling saved United’s blushes just before the break when he scored his second. Again the goal came from a corner. Rooney and Di Maria exchanged passes before the Argentinian whipped a pin-point ball to the back post where Smalling rose above his marker and nodded in. United still looked shaky at the back after the break. Evans looked uncomfortable on the ball. Smalling looked at Herrera, expecting the Spaniard to clear George Boyd’s soft cross, but he did not and the ball fell straight to the feet of Ings. Not for the first time this season, De Gea came to the rescue, deflecting the ball over the bar. Rooney’s evening got worse when he was booked for barging into Ings. Falcao joined him in the book for catching Trippier with his arm as he jumped for the ball. Any hopes of a Burnley comeback were extinguished eight minutes from time when Arfield tripped Di Maria when he raced into the box. Smalling did not put himself forward to try to score his first ever hat-trick. He left it to Van Persie, who clinically jabbed the ball past Heaton. Finally, Robin van Persie put the game to bed with an 82nd-minute penalty after Angel Di Maria was fouled in the box. All the focus in the build-up to Wednesday’s match had centred on Van Gaal’s bizarre press conference stunt, which was designed to shoot down Sam Allardyce’s claims about United’s style of play. Allardyce had referred to Van Gaal’s team as “long-ball United” and Van Gaal responded by producing a dossier of statistics which supposedly undermined the Hammers manager’s claims at a press conference on Tuesday. There were few long-balls on Wednesday night – Marouane Fellaini did not step off the bench to add an aerial threat – but for large parts United were still not at their free-flowing best. The fact that Wayne Rooney was moved to the base of United’s midfield diamond following an injury to Daley Blind did not help. Still, Van Gaal will point to the Barclays Premier League table, which states his team are now third – one point ahead of Southampton and two in front of Arsenal. United were criticised for a lack of creativity on Sunday, but Van Gaal stubbornly stuck with the same front six that looked completely blunt at West Ham. The only changes for United came at the back where Paddy McNair and Jonny Evans replaced Antonio Valencia and Luke Shaw. Manchester United cut out the long-ball tactics but they still had to battle their way to a 3-1 win over Burnley at Old Trafford. Chris Smalling scored 22 seconds after his introduction to put United ahead and the substitute put United 2-1 up after Danny Ings’ spectacular diving header. Burnley, whose team cost a fraction of Louis van Gaal’s star-laden XI, had United on the ropes at times in the first half and comedy defending from Smalling and Ander Herrera should have resulted in an equaliser, but David de Gea saved the Red Devils once again. Press Associationlast_img read more

Ellsworth Teams Remain Undefeated

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first_img This is placeholder textThis is placeholder text Bio Latest posts by admin (see all) Hancock County Court News Nov. 3 thorugh Dec. 11 – January 22, 2015 State budget vs. job creation – January 22, 2015 admin House fire in Winter Harbor – October 27, 2014 ELLSWORTH — On Monday the girls prevailed over Hermon 5-0, getting wins by Grant, Harding, Winkleman and the doubles duos of Wadman and Maloney and White and Rachel Ball.In the boys’ 4-1 victory against the Hawks, Spencer Small and Reese at singles and Toothaker and Tyler Small and Harding and Albee at doubles were winners, with Hermon’s Jacob Reynolds besting Nathan Smith at third singles. For more sports stories, pick up a copy of The Ellsworth American. Latest Postslast_img read more